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rhm 10-15-12 07:11 PM

How about a 1954 Alvin Drysdale road bike?

AZORCH 10-15-12 07:13 PM


Originally Posted by rhm (Post 14845056)

How about a 1954 Alvin Drysdale road bike?

Now that's cool!

JAG410 10-15-12 07:13 PM

My 1974 Romic, made in Texas.

otg 10-15-12 07:20 PM

I've got a few American made bikes:

1971 Schwinn Super Sport

1985 Trek 660 project

1995 Trek 800

And another 1971 Super Sport that I got new

supafast213 10-15-12 07:23 PM

Over posted but its an American bike..

sloar 10-15-12 07:42 PM

my 2 made in the usa treks....

John E 10-15-12 07:48 PM

I ride one of the last made-in-USA Schwinn mountain bikes (see signature). It has the Team USA red-white-and-blue paint job and I bought it from a San Diego firefighter, making it the perfect parade and national holiday ride. I rode it in last year's Encinitas Holiday Parade, which celebrated the city's 1986 incorporation. 1988 was as close as I could come. :)

bikingshearer 10-15-12 08:02 PM

You've probabhly seen all of these before. Too bad. :p

1967 Paramount, repainted, upgraded with 9-speed Shimano drivetrain. Goodness from the Chicago cage. Heavy Rivendell influence in this one.

1978 Eisentraut "A," the pride of Oakland. 10 speed Campy.

1993 Russ Denny-built Fuso - nice SoCal steel. Currently just a frame and fork, as I may need to find a new home for it . . . .

Now for the ones I don't have photos of. I also have a 2000 Lemond Zurich f&f that I no longer ride, a Medici f&f with a decent respray and meh decals that I bought because it was just too stupid-cheap not to, a 1993 Trek 520 complete touring rig (I'm the original owner) that I haven't used in too many years, and Burley Bossa Nova tandem that dates from sometime between 1985 and 1995 - seriously, even though I'm the original owner, I have no clue how old it really is - it was hanging around a shop, and the shop owner had it outside for years as a display so the paint was chipped and dinged from kids climbing all over it. I got it for half price.

Alex Moll 10-15-12 08:03 PM

My US made MTBs need photo updates, so here are a couple roadies, and a townie.

Circa 1974 Davidson - very early in Bill's career. It's worth mentioning that Bill is not nostalgic at all, but he did thank me for doing a top-notch resto-mod (my drillium) on this rig. I did have it repainted at his shop, Elliott Bay Bicycles.

1974 Schwinn Sports Tourer, 4130 straight-gauge fillet brazed steel. Now dressed up as a poseur porteur:

The newest bike in my stable is ca. 2010/11 Rivendell. Built by Mark Nobilette, and painted by Joe Bell:

Six jours 10-15-12 08:24 PM

A quartet of Cycles Noel:



All made in California.

Road Fan 10-15-12 08:28 PM

Nice Masi, but, needs full Campy, needs tubulars, and you need a bigger frame!

James1:17 10-15-12 09:24 PM

1997 Specialized:

1990 Trek:

eastcoaststeve 10-15-12 10:02 PM

Too many to choose from....a few of the highlights:

Tesch made in California:

Nevil made in North Carolina:

Fat Chance made in Massachusetts:

Slingshot made in Wisconsin:

Klein made in Washington:

Litespeed made in Tennssee:

Spooky made in New York:

and one for the roadies...William Jayne made in Chris Chance's Shop in Massachusetts:


gomango 10-15-12 10:14 PM

Really fantastic bicycles everyone!

Here's one that haunts me a little.

I keep looking for one of these in my size.

Anyone know what it is? :)

calstar 10-15-12 10:20 PM

Wow, I'm really enjoying this thread, great bikes!

Otis 10-15-12 10:50 PM

1 Attachment(s)
My one vintage American bike.

ftwelder 10-16-12 04:02 AM

Amazing bunch of bikes. That MTB fork early on is a Manitou II, not a Judy.

Smokinapankake 10-16-12 04:15 AM

'03 Curtlo, built by Doug Curtiss. Fillet brazed sweetness!

Unknown year Schwinn Pixie:

supafast213 10-16-12 06:05 AM


Originally Posted by eastcoaststeve (Post 14845686)

and one for the roadies...William Jayne made in Chris Chance's Shop in Massachusetts:


Someone please explain this bike to me, thanks

eastcoaststeve 10-16-12 06:14 AM


Originally Posted by supafast213 (Post 14846198)
Someone please explain this bike to me, thanks

Google cycleball or radball....this is an old one (late 70's).


supafast213 10-16-12 06:22 AM

WOW! :eek::eek: I had no idea...

RubberLegs 10-16-12 06:23 AM

My old '79 Schwinn LeTour IV, bought for $25, worked on it, rode for a while, stripped it completely down and repainted/rebuilt it as a 14 speed with 700s. Good solid ride, just a little on the heavy side after casting away the old chrome wheelset.

jimmuller 10-16-12 06:53 AM

Q: How do you hide a diamond?
A: Bury it in a pile of diamonds.

Here's my "Made In USA":

bradtx 10-16-12 07:10 AM

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All over posted in the past:

Velognome 10-16-12 08:41 AM

How about a turn of the century Columbia chainless Roadster

This one passed through my hands on the way to forum member jzp66...almost got lost in transit ;)

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