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Gerryattrick 10-16-12 01:49 PM

This is why I love my work
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Since retiring I volunteer at a community bike renovation scheme. About 30% 0f the donated bikes are rubbish that we scrap or cannibalise for parts, about 68% are a mix of run-of-the mill bikes and reasonable named bikes. But about 1 in 50 are real gems that make it a pleasure to work here. :)

In the last couple of months we've had a couple of good 50s Claud Butlers, and the two we're currently working on are these:

A 50s Viking track bike that was ridden in the 1958 Empire Games in Cardiff by the guy who donated it

An early Higgins tandem (not J C Higgins). These are not pics of the actual bike but the same model.

Here are some pics:

Oldpeddaller 10-16-12 02:36 PM

You're really lucky to be able to find C&V bikes at work!

Zieleman 10-16-12 03:39 PM

What happens with the trackbike when it's renovated?

Gerryattrick 10-16-12 04:19 PM

Originally Posted by Zieleman (Post 14848222)
What happens with the trackbike when it's renovated?

Normally we sell them on, but this one will probably be displayed in the workshop as a memento of international cycling in Cardiff. Incidentally, the concrete velodrome track is still in use today for club riders.

sloar 10-16-12 04:24 PM

After my crew put a house fire out I noticed an old bike leaning up against the fence, after I got the guys info and insurance, I asked him about the bike. Um, I bought it.yep I have no morals.

Bikedued 10-16-12 05:49 PM

Good thing it wasn't leaning against the house, or even worse, inside of it!:eek: I assume no one was hurt of course? Then you really would have no morals at all:lol:.,,,,BD

sloar 10-16-12 07:34 PM

No one hurt, fire wasn't really that big of deal. I still caught some crap from my crew.

Gary Fountain 10-16-12 11:18 PM

Nice story Gerryattrick. It sounds like you haven't really grown into your forum name as yet. Keep up the good work.

Gerryattrick 10-17-12 02:47 AM

I'm more of an mtb rider these days and don't own a road bike anymore, but still love working on the old C&V road bikes. Although they won't be mine, I'll post up any pics as and when we get interesting ones in.

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