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doublegg66 11-03-12 08:17 PM

What year?
1 Attachment(s) Can any of you smarter than I folks tell me what year this fine Univega bike was built?It has become my favorite do all bike.

cb400bill 11-03-12 09:24 PM

Got any pics of the rest of your bike?

LesterOfPuppets 11-03-12 09:31 PM


old's'cool 11-04-12 07:46 AM

That first letter is an L, correct? In that case, I agree with Lester

doublegg66 11-04-12 08:11 AM

4 Attachment(s) are some more pics of the bike,before and after,rides good,still have some work to do, but it gets me and the dog to work.

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