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ilikebikes 03-20-13 04:47 PM

Nice road bikes, but not one is in true 'rat rod' style.

fiataccompli 03-20-13 05:02 PM

thanks. yeah, that generally translates well to what I was talking about originally

wearyourtruth 03-20-13 06:07 PM

i know the OP was going for something different, but like others i am going to jump in with what i consider my more *true* rat rod. 1957 schwinn typhoon. random paint-doesn't-quite-match straight-blade fork, rusty coaster brake wheels, road quill stem, inverted cruiser bars, schwinn "racer" fender. i loved that bike, should never have gotten rid of it.

TweedleDee 03-20-13 11:39 PM

This is my favorite so far

aramis 03-21-13 12:04 AM

Originally Posted by peugeot mongrel (Post 15197895)
Maybe the OP is talking about a "classy beater" that rides great.
Pitted chrome, dents, chipped powder coat and wrong decals don't show too much in the pix. It's a favorite rider.

That's pretty cool. It just needs some out of place modern wheels and a modern seat and I think it's kind of what the op was looking for.

fiataccompli 03-21-13 09:04 AM

Yep....and i dig the racer two posts above (actually those pics inspired one of my own builds) but yeah I was thinking of road bikes with some harsh anachronisms In the build too.

gamby 03-21-13 10:04 AM

Originally Posted by LupinIII (Post 15409057)
bumping an old thread coz why not

my old trek 460

This one REALLY seems to be in the spirit of the thread. Modern SRAM drivetrain on an old beater frame. This is a sweet setup. I'm guessing it is a GREAT ride.

LupinIII 03-22-13 03:31 AM

Originally Posted by sailorbenjamin (Post 15411326)
On the way out? 58cm? What size do you need?

yep 58, need something more around 54. It might be going to a friend, but if he backs out i still have most of the original nuovo record that it came with (albeit in cosmetic condition similar to the frame)

Originally Posted by gamby (Post 15414372)
This one REALLY seems to be in the spirit of the thread. Modern SRAM drivetrain on an old beater frame. This is a sweet setup. I'm guessing it is a GREAT ride.

pretty good, but I'm liking the ritchey road logic I got to replace it more haha
(linking this since it's not really a rat rod:

echo victor 03-24-13 12:28 AM

Alright, I think my PX-10 could be on the way toward being the kind of rat rod the OP is looking for: truly beat up paint; Mafacs upgraded to black Kool Stops; Campy FD, shift cable stops, and pedals; and Suntour barcons. For now, I'm just getting it tuned up (although I may try to clean up the paint in the not too distant future), and I may throw some Mavic/105 700c wheels on for fun and maybe replace the RD with a 105 for a while to see how that works out. Some HG cassette is almost certainly in its future.

So I think it's got the look, a smattering of upgraded parts, and it's lightweight and a good ride. Of course, motor upgrades are still in progress...

Close ups to show the awesomely ratty condition of the finish:

surfdude1 01-09-15 01:06 PM

Check out my rat rod stingray.

Grand Bois 01-10-15 10:58 AM

There are some ratty road bikes in this thread no rat rods. Leaving a bike outside to rust doesn't make it a rat rod bike.

Now this is rat rod bike material:

OldsCOOL 01-10-15 12:21 PM

True rat rod? I dont even have a FALSE rat rod road bike.

frameteam2003 01-10-15 01:20 PM

1900 Rambler with velocity wood look rims/soma major taylor bars.& leather covered seat

CliffordK 01-10-15 03:19 PM

3 Attachment(s)
My Old Colnago has taken a licking and keeps on ticking.

It was never intended to be a "rat rod", but it definitely has seen quite a bit of wear over the years. Hopefully I'll do a mini-restoration on it sometime, but I'm still on the fence about clear-coating it vs stripping and repainting.

My Cargo bike, however, may fit more into the "rat-rod" category, but I'm still a bit up in the air about final finishing.

mechanicmatt 01-10-15 03:22 PM

Here's a couple I have made in the past that may qualify:

Trek 500

Giant Kronos

fiataccompli 01-13-15 07:35 AM

I think i need to slap together a mock up of what I was originally thinking. every time i've started down this route, however, the bike has ended up a bit nicer than I originally intended. Guess that's a luxury problem.

grant40 12-31-21 03:14 PM

repechage 12-31-21 08:22 PM

locally that handlebar set up suggests “ tweaker “

scarlson 12-31-21 08:39 PM

My Trek's a rat rod! I didn't even soak the flux off after I was done brazing. The burn marks and rust combined with what remains of the original Imron finish make for a nice patina. And in the tradition of rat rod cars (usually a rusty body but then it's got Offenhauser heads and Edelbrock carbs and Wilwood brakes), it's equipped with XTR, Stronglight, Pacenti, Busch&Muller, Brooks, and American Classic.

grant40 12-31-21 09:50 PM

My Ross. Enjoy :)

grant40 12-31-21 09:54 PM

Cannondale fixie.

Kabuki12 01-01-22 08:53 AM

My “Rat Rod” bike would have to be the rusty old ItalVega I built up . I mean that bike was so rusty , but I saw something there so I spent a year with steel wool and polish . I did not replace the decals but I got every bit of rust off and ,fortunately for me , the whole frame was chrome under the paint, so it actually looks cool with areas of paint feathered into the chrome underneath.
I changed quite a bit. It had been upgraded sometime in its past but I added to the non-originality by putting more Campy stuff on. I got rid of the sew up rims with Nuevo Tipo hubs and put the nicer Record hubs and clinchers, also put campy SR brakes but left the Universal levers…a real hodgepodge but it works. A VERY nice riding bike.$100 and all the patience I could muster!

Mr. 66 01-01-22 10:18 AM

My brother's Cannondale friend's Schwinn(stationary bike)/Wizzer custom build with frame intergrated gas tank. my former Barracuda
Ride the fish, that Barracuda was one tough mofo, I built that up so many ways. I finally sold it to a dad for his son. His selling point to his boy was, we'll get you a good bike next year... lol

sykerocker 01-01-22 10:51 AM

Yep, and the group can take credit for a lot of this:
The BCA frame was given to me by a local friend who's into REAL antique bicycles (nothing newer than pre-WWI, heavily into 1890's), the wheels came from the barn that wasn't affected by the fire, and pretty much everything else on it was the care packages the group sent me after the fire. It's my 'baseball' bike. Rather than pay $5.00 parking at each Richmond Flying Squirrels game, I haul the bike into Lakeside (about two miles from the ballpark) and ride to the game.

​​​​​​I've been getting tempted to do a mid-drive e-bike conversion on it, just to learn about the genre. Then again, I'm having no problems with pushing pedals, so why bother?

bark_eater 01-01-22 11:33 AM

Unloved Rat Rods turn into Franken bikes pretty quick. I've felt a twinge pulling Campagnolo and Suntour Superb of off a repainted bike boom gas pipe frame. Some mechanic, a couple few owners back loved that bike.

I have a Raleigh Super Course that I've been collecting cool but rough period correct "upgrade" parts for. The plan is to build it up as gently faked rolling barn find in all its uber patinated glory.

ofajen 01-01-22 11:37 AM

Here’s the closest I have. It does have a first gen DA crank and Superbe brakes. Normally i use the wheels with Superbe hubs and Ambrosio rims but the front now has a different wheel with a Ritchey SpeedMax to help with stability on muddy trails. Most of the other parts are cheap and new.


Bianchigirll 01-01-22 12:05 PM

Originally Posted by repechage (Post 22357635)
locally that handlebar set up suggests “ tweaker “

:roflmao:Yeah DUI bars!! It was only for the pic, so was the Beam. This wasn't even finished, and it's still unidentified, but it has turned into a good rider. I'll have to post a current pic.

bluehills3149 01-01-22 02:28 PM

Here's my old 1986 team Fuji. Rattle can paint (gold color was all I had) but Campy 10 spd gear with Shimergo setup (dura ace 9000 rear dr). Mavic open rims and dtswiss 240 hubs (but branded Coda). Calipers are TRP magnesium. Nice riding bike but looked like a junker.

grant40 01-01-22 02:33 PM

Some more.

This rusty 1980 ish Shogun mixte that has been sitting at the bike co op for 2 months with a bent fork from trying to get the stuck stem out.

My Sears beater bike.

This 1985 Ross Paragon fixie, which I donated the frame back soon after the second photo was taken. That was for obvious reasons.

This weird thing from a Schwinn Varsity. Yes, those are 26 in wheels.

Here is my main ride. 1973 CCM Concorde.

1982 Motobecane Gran Jubilee fixie. This one is mostly stripped down to just a frame set and wheels now. I'm not sure what to do with it but I'm thinking of a flat bar road bike with a 1x6 setup.

Bianchigirll 01-01-22 02:43 PM

Originally Posted by Mr. 66 (Post 22357995)
And my former Barracuda
Ride the fish, that Barracuda was one tough mofo, I built that up so many ways. I finally sold it to a dad for his son. His selling point to his boy was, we'll get you a good bike next year... lol

So Dad’s going to buy him a Bianchi next year? :roflmao2:

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