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belacqua 01-01-22 03:00 PM

Originally Posted by bluehills3149 (Post 22358270)
Here's my old 1986 team Fuji. Rattle can paint (gold color was all I had) but Campy 10 spd gear with Shimergo setup (dura ace 9000 rear dr). Mavic open rims and dtswiss 240 hubs (but branded Coda). Calipers are TRP magnesium. Nice riding bike but looked like a junker.

this is what I'm talking about

Shp4man 01-01-22 07:44 PM

Does the primer gray make it a Rat Rod? Perhaps. 1964 Schwinn Typhoon with some modifications.

easyupbug 01-01-22 08:35 PM

Originally Posted by bluehills3149 (Post 22358270)

Outstanding, a true rat rod bicycle, perfect drive train. I know SW US rat rodders as I inherited a huge collection of '32, '33 and '34 Ford pickup parts which I have been selling off to Rat rod builders. Still have 3 cabs, a bed, wheels, etc.

scarlson 01-13-22 11:05 PM

Here are some closeups of nice "rat-rod" patina on my Trek. I rubbed it down with linseed oil thinned down with Coleman fuel.

plonz 01-14-22 05:11 AM

I have one worthy of this resurrected thread. My 1985 Peugeot PSN10 with its chalky layer of white sprayed over the original metallic beige. Gave it the sleeper package of DA7400 shifting and bronze Araya clinchers. This is my dirty pavement bike and it performs as well as the rest of my stable.

I remember picking the PSN10 up many years ago for the original Campy components. It looked like curbside junk so I asked the forum if it made sense to salvage the rest of the bike. It was divided among those who said it was too far gone and those who educated me on the fine qualities of the PSN10. Ended up selling off the Campy but sure am glad I kept the bike.

tkamd73 01-14-22 10:34 PM

No rust, but this was an old road bike

Sluggo 01-15-22 11:55 AM
Another Schwinn Sports Tourer.
Rat, yes. I don't know about rod.

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