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storckm 02-27-13 10:22 AM

Fuji S-12-S Saddle
I was given a Fuji S-12-S (1978, I believe) about a year ago, and am wondering about the saddle. It appears to be leather, quite thick and hard, although I don't find the shape quite as comfortable as a Brooks. Around the edge there is stitching, and I noticed today that there is a thin sheet of what appears to be plastic under the central part of the saddle. The name Belt is stamped on the side.

Do any of you have any more information on these saddles?

shoota 02-27-13 11:08 AM


storckm 02-27-13 11:15 AM

Thanks, although that post didn't really tell me anything new. I'm especially interested in the details of the construction.

shoota 02-27-13 11:22 AM

I don't understand what you're asking so I'll leave one more link.

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