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rootboy 03-09-13 05:37 PM


Originally Posted by auchencrow (Post 15365580)
I was feeling a little angst about one bike I sold, but after seeing some of the bikes that you guys offed, I can't remember what it was! :lol:

And I'm not sure you'd remember which one it was anyway, as many bikes as you have!
Under "fleet" in the dictionary, it says to see Auchen's bike collection. ;)

clubman 03-09-13 05:49 PM


Originally Posted by ftwelder (Post 15365840)

For me, it's a set of wheels I sold on ebay. Track wheels with Omelenchuk rims.

I don't know what I was thinking..

I forgot that I gave away a low mileage pair of blue Mavic SSC hoops...DOH. Thanks for reminding me :cry:

DVC45 03-09-13 07:53 PM

Flying Merkel 03-09-13 08:18 PM

My first good bike, a 1979 Univega Viva Sport. Sold it to a guy who didn't appreciate it or finish paying for it. I'd still have it. Sold a Gran Rally a few years back. When I saw the dude load it into his car I knew I'd screwed up.

3speed 03-10-13 01:10 AM

My old Bridgestone 300 Sport Touring. It was terribly comfortable and fit me perfectly(that's how I remember it anyway). It had really nice condition paint, too. Obviously never ridden much before I got it. If I ever see one again, or even better yet - a frame-set in good condition, I'll grab it without a doubt and cover it in "out of place" Dura-Ace.

Lenton58 03-10-13 01:34 AM

A c. 1973 Knight racer in '531'. No pics available rare. But you can read about them here:

harpon 03-10-13 02:58 AM

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My first full campy bike- a '71 Gitane Super Corsa- never appreciated it then and most of the campy ended up on the Colnago frame I bought a couple of years after and then wrapped around the front end of a Chevy in 1978- but I sold the gitane frame sometime about '75.

and then-

the 1974 Silver Paramount track bike my parents gave me for my 21st birthday- The great low drop steel bars didn't last a year before I wrapped them around a steel fence support at the Northbrook velodrome, in "the biggest pile-up anybody there had ever seen" I'd got caught up in, and I was with a frat brother who was also injured, so I ended up having to drive the 300 miles home all scarred up-

Here we are about 1980-

I sold it on consignment in a bike shop in Torrance in 1984 when I retired and knew I'd probably never hang onto it trying to live in L.A.

harpon 03-10-13 03:08 AM

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Not a bike, but had to sell this '88 Festiva a couple of summers ago when moving to Florida- 275,000 miles PLUS- and the most fun car to drive- the best maintenance free car I'd ever owned. The van I chose to take with me instead now has tranny troubles, but the '96 Aspire is still going strong.
I bought this for $700 in L.A. back in 1997 with 175,00 miles and drove it over another 100k with no major repairs or rebuild- still started right up when I had to let it go quickly for a mere $300- for some reason, the guy hasn't ever transferred the title.

balindamood 03-10-13 10:35 AM

We have had one of those^^ in the familiy for about 20 years. My father currently has it and I think it is his favorite car ever.

PedalTraveler 03-10-13 03:31 PM

The bright yellow 71 Schwinn Speedster I rode to high school, nothing special, but a tough and endlessly dependable old bike.

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