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Bloeper 03-09-13 10:56 PM

1987 Raleigh Elkhorn seatpost size?

I bought a very used 1987 Raleigh Elkhorn a while back. The seatpost broke the other day. Because this bike had been very badly maintained before I got it, I have every reason to believe that the correct seatpost size is not 26.4 mm (as it says on the broken one). Does anybody know what the correct seatpost size is on the bike is?


Creme Brulee 03-10-13 01:09 AM

25.8 for my crested butte...

bobotech 03-10-13 01:18 AM

Is the old seatpost too small? LIke the previous owner ovaled out the clamp area? If so, I would try rounding it out as much as possible and then try putting in a couple of the common sized seatposts like the 26.8 or the 27.2. Make sure the new post fits in the seat tube area itself, not just the top part/clamping area.

A bike co-op is a good place to try different seat posts.

cdale4ever 03-10-13 06:25 AM


Originally Posted by Creme Brulee (Post 15367218)
25.8 for my crested butte...

25.7 on my '86 Elkhorn

T-Mar 03-10-13 07:18 AM

26.4mm versus 25.7 and 25.8 is quite a difference. There's no way they could have forced that in! First, I would check the old post to ensure the size stamp is correct. Next, I'd look at the cinch slot in the frame. If the post was undersize, the slot would be pinched at the top. If the gap is even along it's entire length, it is the correct size post. Even a post that is one size (0.2mm) too small will create a gap that is 0.6mm narrower at the top of the slot. That difference should be visible and measurable.

Bloeper 03-10-13 01:00 PM

Thanks guys. It did indeed turn out to be a 26.4 mm.

eastbay71 05-03-14 02:23 PM

I worked all summer in 1987 to buy that bike. LOL that was my first mountain bike.

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