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tjkwood 03-10-13 05:40 PM

26 x 1 1/4 tyre on 26 x 1 3/8 rim?
Hi all,

I'm currently trying to hunt down an alloy rear wheel for my '35 Raleigh, but I'e not had any luck. I do, however, have a spare 1 3/8 wheel lurking at home somewhere, so my question is would I be able to fit the 26 x 1 1/4 tyre to it? Thanks!

hairnet 03-10-13 05:48 PM

maybe. Look at the sizing chart here there are different diameters under the name 26x 1 3/8

clubman 03-10-13 05:50 PM

No. Unless your rim is a rare American Schwinn.

You want an alloy rim for a '35 model? I don't think there was a period correct EA1 rim in alloy unless it was an obscure Constrictor. I'm going to say this quietly, only once. Hilary Stone (although he doesn't have any EA1 listings just now)

nlerner 03-10-13 06:03 PM

26 x 1 1/4 = EA1 = 597mm
26 x 1 3/8 = EA3 = 590mm

sailorbenjamin 03-10-13 09:26 PM

But Schwinn 26x1 3/8 is 597. Otherwise the thing will not even touch the rim.

clubman 03-11-13 10:02 AM


Originally Posted by sailorbenjamin (Post 15370295)
But Schwinn 26x1 3/8 is 597. Otherwise the thing will not even touch the rim.

We're all on the same page here. But as hairnet pointed out, if by some chance his replacement wheel had a Schwinn 26 X 1 3/8 rim, his 26 x 1 1/4" tyres would fit. It's an anomaly. But odds of having that rim in the UK are very small.

So no, almost always, EA3 tyres won't fit EA1 rims and vica versa.

Sixty Fiver 03-11-13 10:15 AM

The EA1 tyre will not fit the EA1 rim and finding an EA1 rim in alloy is a tall challenge... they were made but are fairly rare and quite expensive when you do find them.

Going the other way... I have seen an EA3 tyre forced on to an EA1 rim and it worked but removing the tyre was impossible without some destructive measures. The 7mm difference in rim diameter is huge when it comes to fitting tyres properly.

As an interim measure you could run a set of EA3 wheels on the bike as compatibility between wheel sizes here is not a problem since the difference at the brake is very small and it is not a big enough change to cause anything radical in the handling.

My second 1951 Raleigh Sports should have been equipped with EA1 wheels originally but came to me with EA3 wheels which were from the same period (may have been a Canadian variant)... my '54 and '55 were EA1 equipped although the '54 has had a 700c conversion.

Sierra 03-11-13 12:23 PM

I had a Schwinn with 26" wheels that had a flat spot in the rear wheel that thumped every time the wheel went around. It wasn't the rim. The tire was diving into the rim at one point causing the low spot. I discovered that someone had managed to install 590mm bsd tire on the 597mm rim. I found a 597mm tire, installed it, and all was good.

I doubt that you could install a 590 tire on a 597 rim and get it to seat evenly all the way around.

sailorbenjamin 03-11-13 05:32 PM

Hmm. I wonder if I could put some 597s on my 599 rims.

zukahn1 03-11-13 05:57 PM

Working at a bike coop I have done it and ounce on quick flip another time but its a pita and I wouldn't recomend it.

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