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geezerwheels 03-10-13 05:41 PM

de Rosa lives again
like a Phoenix rising not from ashes but from rust, a +/-'84 de Rosa is back on the wing.

Gorgeous frame restoration by Granted Antique Auto. Could not spring for re-chroming, but the frame was taken down to bare metal, primed with epoxy, and painted to match the original (which turned out to be "Schwinn Red"). Campy brakes and drivetrain: some NOS, nearly new, and some well used, more or less contemporaneous. (except for a Suntour Pro 14/26 5sp freewheel)

The bike was assembled by Tim and Mike at The Bicycle Place in Silver Spring, MD. will post some pix soon, but here is a video taken this morning by my wife:

jet sanchEz 03-10-13 05:55 PM

Photos don't show up, try or

repechage 03-10-13 06:45 PM

Eeew, faceplant.

gomango 03-10-13 08:36 PM

Bring on the pics!

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