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Catnap 03-11-13 02:35 PM

Leh Supply custom leather saddles
just found these guys online via the NAHBS website: check out their saddles! I think they are pretty cool and reasonably priced. i 'm not affiliated with them in any way.

KonAaron Snake 03-11-13 02:37 PM

They sure do look great...I'd love to hear a report.

Chris_in_Miami 03-11-13 02:49 PM

If those are stitches across the nose of the third one, I'd rather admire it from a distance than ride it, but they're all beautiful. I love the "wingtip" perforation on the first saddle, that's quite clever!

ilikebikes 03-11-13 03:00 PM

Is it me or are these "saddles" common store bought seats covered in leather?

ColonelJLloyd 03-11-13 03:01 PM

Pretty snazzy looking, but it looks like they're all just leather "covered" saddles rather than suspended leather (i.e. Brooks, Ideal, etc).

Italuminium 03-11-13 03:01 PM

hey, I got shoes to match! The craftsmanship is nice, but I don't like overdecorated bikes, and this is definitely overdecoration.

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