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whatwolf 03-11-13 05:25 PM

A Casati Gold Line S, built.
I recently completed a trade with gomango, and as his part of the deal he sent over this beautiful frameset and a few parts, including a very nice pantographed stem.

I've been home sick for a few days, so had some time to get this together. It'll be a fixed gear for the season, I think, and then come fall I might build it up as a geared road machine. Will probably either go classic SR (since I have a group), or full-on modern (with something other than Campy.)

All decisions hinge on the fit, since this frame is a little taller and longer than I usually ride.

:thumb: to Grady and the rest of the c&v crew that provided some parts.

Here's a rough build list:
- Record HS
- 3ttt titanium stem
- MAP/Ahearne bars
- Super Record levers
- Chorus DP brakes
- Centaur crank
- Salsa 45T ring
- DA 16T cog
- H plus son TB-14s
- Milwaukee house brand hubs
- Veloflex Master 22s
- Black Ti Rolls

Italuminium 03-11-13 05:32 PM

:thumb:That's a very nice ride for when spring comes! What are those beautiful bars?

If it ever comes it all... we had snow here today :)

whatwolf 03-11-13 05:34 PM


Originally Posted by Italuminium (Post 15374108)
:thumb:That's a very nice ride for when spring comes! What are those beautiful bars?

If it ever comes it all... we had snow here today :)

It's pretty close in NY. We can feel it.

Bars are the M.A.P./Ahearne all-rounder. A variation on the Cinelli Priest.

KonAaron Snake 03-11-13 05:37 PM

I love that bike - glad it went to a good home.

JJScaliger 03-11-13 05:41 PM

That bike is hot! Ride the wheels off it!

whatwolf 03-11-13 05:59 PM


Originally Posted by JJScaliger (Post 15374141)
That bike is hot! Ride the wheels off it!

Thanks, will do. Going for a spin now, actually.

Michael Angelo 03-11-13 06:03 PM

Great looking bike.

gomango 03-11-13 06:03 PM

I am so pleased the Casati went to you!

I could sense you were very happy and that's great to see the enthusiasm.

The build looks very classy btw.

So much so it makes me think I'll do a ss build myself.

I have a friend's Quickbeam frameset until he returns from abroad.

In the meantime, I am trying to find good homes for most of my remaining vintage bicycles and framesets......

gaucho777 03-11-13 06:35 PM

Really great-looking bike. Hopefully you will not wait too long to add some gears, as it seems a shame not make use of the ultra-cool internal cable routing through the chain-stay.

squirtdad 03-11-13 06:36 PM

that is a really nice build. I am becoming a big fan of doing the city bike kind of conversion on an italian frame. I did similar with a torpado (kept the gears...but ride it like a single speed) and it is just a blast to ride.

The VO postino bars work well for these.

I expect you to have many smiles with that bike and spring coming

whatwolf 03-11-13 06:46 PM

Thanks all for the comments.

I hope I can wait at least a little bit to add some gears. I'll have the Merckx to keep me busy with 22 of them :) (gears, that is...)

However, being a part-time bike shop employee does have its perks... parts are 50% more affordable than ever!

Vonruden 03-11-13 07:15 PM

Sweet ride, love it.

Gary Fountain 03-11-13 11:45 PM

Very nice indeed. Everyone should have a similar bike for that local ride to the shop, etc.

mapleleafs-13 03-12-13 12:01 AM

you forgot to shave off the derailleur and downtube braze on, you may not be accepted into the hip bike clubs downtown...

mapleleafs-13 03-12-13 12:03 AM

but in all seriousness, those are really nice frames, i've had one go through my hands and it was gorgeous. So much detail on the bike, from seat stays to crown. you forgot to shoot the BB there should be some detail on there..

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