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heytchap 03-11-13 06:08 PM

Just found this on craigslist, someone has to be interested

Eddy Merckx

"big" but looks to be 58cm, hard to gauge. I ride a 56cm or I would have been all over this. Maybe this will make someone's day?

marley mission 03-11-13 06:17 PM

is this a legit merckx
components seem pretty off for what you would find on this bike, no?

cb400bill 03-11-13 06:19 PM


Originally Posted by marley mission (Post 15374283)
is this a legit merckx

Sheldon has the answer.

By February 1973, Falcon produced an Eddie Merckx branded line in Merckx Molteni orange, noted on the catalogue as "Designed by Ernie Clements" and "Approved" by Merckx. These appeared in collaboration with similar Merckx branded frames by Kessel of Belgium. The firms apparently had an agreement on marketing areas, with Kessel getting Europe, and both paying royalties to Merckx.

The Falcon precursor Merckx bikes are often dismissed as poor quality, but they appeared in a similar range of models to the Falcon line. In 1974, Falcon offered a top of the line Merckx Super Competition #102 (All Reynolds 531 DB, long point lugs, oval fork blades, Nuovo Record derailers; Record crank, Campagnolo brakes, Brooks saddle, Cinelli bars and stem, chrome fork crown and tips-virtually the same specs as the comparable San Remo), a Giro D'Italia #104 (Reynolds DB with Prugnat Lugs, Campagnolo derailers, cotterless crank but with centerpull brakes), Kermesse, #106 (plain gauge Reynolds), Competition #100 (same as 102, but w/o the Campagnolo brakes), 2 ladies models, a junior racer (white or orange) and entry level bike (red or orange) with std (not tubular) rims.


The high end bikes in either the Merckx or the Falcon line were comparable in quality to the other premier marques of their day, British and Italian, offering great handling with a fairly tight stage race geometry with arguably better finish than the Italian competitors.

rootboy 03-11-13 06:20 PM

Merckx branded mid range Falcon, but a pretty neat bike for the money.

LDB 03-11-13 06:24 PM

Seems like a good buy for the money if it's the right size.

gaucho777 03-11-13 06:26 PM

Ever seen a Merckx mixte before?

zukahn1 03-11-13 06:32 PM

Ok bike for the money this is on of the many lesser bikes that Falcon sold at the time under the license agrement they had. Yes it is legit and a techinacley a Eddie bike. But ist as the end of the day a basic mid level steel frameed Falcon with differnet stickers as such in good working order $100-200 depending on condition so this is a very ok buy.

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