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noglider 03-18-13 01:00 AM

Show me your cat
Show me your cat.

Drillium Dude 03-18-13 01:23 AM

I like this thread already :)



eschlwc 03-18-13 02:29 AM

my companions, zoe and k.

little boo

zoe has a side gig inspecting volvos.

Sixty Fiver 03-18-13 02:33 AM

Our big assed cat... she is a Siamese cross we lovingly call Thunderhead or I call "tunderkitty" in my mock Swedish accent.

auchencrow 03-18-13 03:31 AM

ftwelder 03-18-13 04:08 AM

My Aja is very old and her health is failing. I wish the ground wasn't frozen here and I could lay her to rest in our yard.

paulkal 03-18-13 04:38 AM

2 Attachment(s)
I love cats. Here is Ponta sleeping.

And here is Pusle, also sleeping.
They are sisters but can not stand each other.

marley mission 03-18-13 05:28 AM

you know this thread coulda been called show me your...ah nevermind:innocent:

nlerner 03-18-13 05:50 AM

clubman 03-18-13 05:57 AM

Is this not the reason why there is an internet?

rootboy 03-18-13 06:10 AM

You're allright Tom...
Orange eye is Mei Mei, found homeless on the streets of Beijing. Minky came from the local shelter.
They couldn't be more different from each other.

big chainring 03-18-13 06:11 AM

WNG 03-18-13 06:26 AM

Pulcina on the left, and Cicciolina on the right. A photo of them lounging next to me when I first met them in 2009. I'm allergic to cats. But after having these two girls fixed, I was no longer allergic to them.
But still to all other cats.
I miss them badly. In the middle of a divorce and likely will never see them again. I want Cicciolina, as she's attached to me. But will take both if I get the opportunity, because it troubled me to watch them occasionally get physically beaten by my wife and younger stepson. >:-(
Quick! I don't know how long I can hold her! by WNG555, on Flickr

More photos:

rootboy 03-18-13 06:40 AM

Do you have a cat now, Noglider?

TampaRaleigh 03-18-13 06:43 AM

The day I found her and her momma in the corner of my shed:

rootboy 03-18-13 06:54 AM

thinktubes 03-18-13 06:56 AM

Here's a pic of Sheba - best lapcat ever!!!! Lived to 22 before using up aLL 9 lives.

Kobe 03-18-13 07:19 AM



rhm 03-18-13 07:30 AM


KonAaron Snake 03-18-13 07:54 AM

Ella looking surly:

Moxie and Webster guarding the house:

Moxie and Webster Wrestling:

Ella on a pillow fort:

Ella nesting:

Cats love daddy:

Drillium Dude 03-18-13 07:57 AM

Originally Posted by rootboy (Post 15399991)

Sacha likes to check my spoke tension, too :)

rhm: Nice lawn ornament :)


rhm 03-18-13 07:59 AM

Originally Posted by Drillium Dude (Post 15400210)
rhm: ouch - that's just wrong in too many ways to count; imagine a dog thread with something similar...

Yeah, you're right, I'm just being a jerk. Okay, tell you what, I'll find a less painful photo and edit my post. :thumb:


There, done! Any better?

leaping_gnome 03-18-13 08:00 AM

^^^ Oh! I can't top any of that! Makana's eye is looking back at you on my avatar.


top506 03-18-13 08:00 AM

Trinidad and Tobago


Oreo and Hydrox



Drillium Dude 03-18-13 08:02 AM

Originally Posted by WNG (Post 15399922)

Dr. Tiny cat says: "You have a fever of a 103 degrees; no solid food for three days - and get plenty of liquids."

Here's hoping you get these two beauties, Will - they definitely don't deserve them.


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