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theWake 04-28-13 05:01 PM

Help me identify this bike please!
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Can anyone help me identify the bike pictured below? Bought it today and would like to restore it a little but I have no idea what it is or if it is worth restoring.

qcpmsame 04-28-13 05:27 PM

Could you post some more pictures of the bike from the drive side and if you can find the serial number(s) them too, or if they are not highly legible at least what they are so the more expert members can have a starting point?


JohnDThompson 04-28-13 07:52 PM

The frame appears to be entry level, not worth sinking the money needed for a full-blown restoration. It may only need minimal work to become an enjoyable rider, though.

Velognome 04-28-13 08:11 PM

Looks like a sturdy ride. I'd just clean it grease and ride it. The pump pegs are cool.

onespeedbiker 04-29-13 12:41 AM

There is just enough about the bike to be a tease. What brand are those brakes? Looks like "Bcillc..."? Also the shifter levers are a little unusual. Show us more! The rear derailleur and shifter lever fronts and band.

zukahn1 04-29-13 01:16 AM
Stem is screwed bike is worse.

theWake 04-29-13 02:11 AM

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Brakes are Altenburger Brillant. The bottom bracket is Thompson, replaced but I don't believe those BBs fit many bikes do they? I can't find the frame/serial number anywhere. The previous owner powder coated it so that may have filled/covered it.

Wulf 04-29-13 12:24 PM

Bottom rung european 70s boom bike. Note how the stays are simply squashed flat for brazing the dropouts.

onespeedbiker 04-29-13 12:29 PM

I like this bike. It has all the earmarks of a vintage English bike similar to a Raleigh.

theWake 04-29-13 03:06 PM

Ok, so some further info. Rear derailleur is a Huret Eco, and the gear system is all Huret. If the rear derailleur is an original component that would date it to late 1970s into the 1980s. Presumably French.

I would still like to try and find out the manufacturer and/or model if possible. Will probably do it up a bit for my own benefit even if it is an old low end model. I am more or less resigned to taking it apart to see if there is a frame/serial number on the steerer tube. Any more ideas from anyone?

onespeedbiker 04-29-13 03:57 PM

Take away the stem and handbars and it could be a German Kalkhoff

theWake 04-29-13 05:12 PM

Thanks for the input onespeed! After the Kalkhoff suggestion I did some searching and it looks similar to a few Kalkhoff models or possibly a (raleigh) Sun bicycle of some sort (looks similar to the sun solo race but the head lugs are slightly different).

I want to pin it down exactly. Going to disassemble it and give it a clean up at the weekend though and go from there. I'm sure it is low end but I'm sure I can make it look decent at least!

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