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beaker83 05-01-13 08:58 PM

Searching for my childhood bike...
Hi. I got my very first bike for my 7th birthday, it was a huffy. I am trying to find another one like it but can't seem to find any kind of online database and I am having no luck with general online searches. I can't remember the model or what it was called. I am hoping someone can direct me on how to go about finding some info on it so that I can search for one. It was purple in front and faded to white, with the change starting on the top tube. It had white tires, a white plastic seat, coaster brakes (and if I recall, a hand front brake but my parents might have added that later). It came with a foam cover on the top tube and I think it might have had a "racing number" piece of paper/plastic on the handlebars. I took that off right away so I don't remember what it looked like. It also had white pedals. That is about all that I can remember about it. Any help at all would be appreciated! I turned 7 in 1990 but it could have been an 89' model. Anyway, I know the chances are slim that anyone will have any info on it, my parent's probably bought it at the K-Mart down the street and there wasn't anything particularly special about the bike, accept that it was the bike that got me to love riding. Anyway, thanks in advance.

2112YYZ 05-01-13 09:01 PM

Try the guys at Several Huffy and Murray experts hang out there.

oddjob2 05-01-13 09:06 PM

You should have been aar the Ann Arbor Bike Show.

beaker83 05-01-13 10:23 PM

Thank you! Its a start!!

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