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shane_bike 05-09-13 07:21 PM

Anyone know if a vintage Trek 770 will take 28c tires?
Hi all,

There is a Trek 770 on ebay that looks interesting. It has what was Trek's race geometry. Does anyone know whether it will fit 700 x 28 tires? Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.


luker 05-09-13 07:29 PM

I have a 170, and I'm pretty sure that a 28c would not fit. I don't think that I could get a 25c in there...but the geometry may be different.

b dub 05-09-13 08:53 PM

Nope, won't fit. I just got a 770 frame last weekend, haven't worked on it yet but the previous owner told me he was not even able to remove the rear wheel with 23c tires without deflating it first.

Chrome Molly 05-09-13 08:56 PM

I run 25c's and can just pinch them in without deflating them. In looking at it, if you were to deflate them, then a 28c might fit depending on if it runs large or small. I'd stick with 25c's max myself.

shane_bike 05-10-13 06:31 AM

Thanks all for the replies. Sounds like I need to pass on it.


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