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Binxsy 06-06-13 07:54 PM

Minatra info
Just picked up a minatra bike, guy bought it personally from the frame builder. Said it was reyolds 531 tubing. Obviously hand built, just looking for some info on them. Scored the complete bike for 150 with a campy headset mavic 700 rims and a mix of SR parts, also a 1st generation dura ace (crane) rd. I think i did pretty good.

luker 06-06-13 10:07 PM

You did we'll on the components alone fr the price, but you should put some pictures up if you want ID help.

Binxsy 06-07-13 04:10 PM

Pictures for your eyes

12mphflatout 06-07-13 05:33 PM

I like the sparkly green paint job.

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