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Wino Ryder 06-23-13 03:50 AM

Finally Got Around To Trying This Out.......My First Wheel Build!!
Actually built this up last November. Black 'Open Pro' laced up to my Shimano FH-6402 rear hub. Build went quite smooth really, as long as you pay attention to the minute details early on. Had a blast building it up. Was a lot of fun, and I learned a lot. Built 3X with DT Swiss 'competition' spokes.

Lateral and Radial runout is less than .025 mm, so its pretty darn true. Didnt use any kind of dishing tool, just squared it in the drop outs and dished the rim center in the chain stays. Turned out pretty good. Took it for a 5-mile ride and within the first 300 ft I could hear it popping and pinging as the spokes relieved tension and settled down. Popped it back into the stand and only required minor tweaking to true it up. Got several hundred miles on it now without any problems, so I must've done something right.

Built the stand from pictures on-line and modified it to suit my needs. Still gotta build the front one up, so thats coming real soon. This wheel is on my '85 Centurion upgraded to 8-speed.

gomango 06-23-13 06:13 AM

Nice work.

Solid build, for sure.

I find I am lacking the patience lately to build my own wheels nowadays, so I am always impressed when folks give this a go.

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