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jdefran 09-21-13 06:44 PM

Trimming brake hoods
Is trimming brake hoods to optimize fit common practice? I replaced the hoods on a pair of Gran Compe levers and found when squeezing the lever there is some interference with the hood on the underside. I appreciate your input.

Chombi 09-21-13 06:51 PM

Its something I'd try to avoid, as if one does not make a nice smooth cut, it could be a starting point for tears to start developing, but I can understand why one might have to do it, as some hoods are becoming or have become unobtainium already and sometimes there's no option but to modify other hoods to fit.

jdefran 09-21-13 06:59 PM

Fortunately the hoods should be possible to obtain for a bit and are not expensive. The tearing you mention was my concern. Wonder if super gluing the corners of the cut area would prevent this..

DiegoFrogs 09-21-13 07:42 PM

I've done it to a set of the common brown Cane Creek non-aero replacements. I had to trim the part you're talking about and drill the hole open a bit for the barrel adjuster that my levers have, then cut the top a bit to allow access to the adjusters.

After more than 3 years, they're still fine.

It may depend on the material being used, too.

67tony 09-21-13 07:50 PM

Speaking of unobtanium, anybody know where I get a pair of brown Gran Compe aero hoods?

(Sorry for the hijack...)

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