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orangeology 09-26-13 01:05 PM

Trexlertown Bike Swap Oct 6?
found Trexlertown Bike Swap Meeton Sun Oct 6th while i was surfing.

any previous experience, could you folks share? anyone going?
quite intrigued and would totally check out as i know that Lehigh Valley is kinda bike capital, if i am not mistaken.

btw, slightly confused finding VeloFest also.
it's nearby and looks bigger, happening just one day before, Sat Oct 5th.

which one should be more C&V appropriate? i assume the former one, right?
many thanks in advance for your kind input/insight/tips etc.

puchfinnland 09-26-13 01:37 PM

If Photogravity is up...I may be also!
I'm broke but why not tempt fate?

KonAaron Snake 09-26-13 01:47 PM's the deal...

The FIRST day is a large swap at the's a very fun time. There are vintage bikes, newer bikes, shops selling last year's stuff name it. Sellers range from racer's selling their old frame because their team just gave them a new one to C/R list guys selling 531. The vintage stuff is more along the lines of CR list vintage...60s - 80s lightweights. There are other things, but that's what predominates.

The SECOND day is at the nearby firehouse and it consists more of the weirder, older stuff...though it has lightweight CR stuff as well. Cruisers, krates, Boneshakers...etc.

If you can, go both days ;) I haven't done that in a while, but it's awfully fun to do. I actually haven't gone at all in a few years but it looks like I will go this year.

orangeology 09-26-13 01:51 PM


Originally Posted by KonAaron Snake (Post 16106810)'s the deal...

many many thanks for such an awesome breakdown, Aaron.
great! i'll check it out on Sat Oct 5, then.
Sat is a bit more better day for me and looks like 'wider' fun
—whereas i think the Sunday a 'deeper' fun. :)


KonAaron Snake 09-26-13 02:02 PM

Sure thing - hope to see you there. The racing events at trexlertown are also an incredible value...reasonable food and beverage costs...inexpensive tickets and a family atmosphere. I highly recommend going a night or three. Who knows - you might even find a great orange bike!

My Bilenky tandem came by way of the t-town swap in April...spotted by member noglider, who called me about it.

wrk101 09-26-13 02:37 PM

If I had my sh#t together, I'd head up for sure.

kunsunoke 09-27-13 04:43 AM

It's a half an hour from where I live in Fleetwood, so I'll try to get up there. The missus' Vista needs a few things for the weight-reduction diet I have it on currently, and I can always use another Brooks B-17 (preferably one with light use).

Poguemahone 09-27-13 06:26 AM

Worth going to; one of these days I'll do the five hour drive again. But not this year.

RobE30 09-27-13 09:40 PM

It's definitely worth checking out. Get there early! I've set up a table the past 4 years and had a blast, bought some stuff and resold some stuff. Whatever you're looking for won't be there but you'll find something else to distract you until you find what you're looking for. Have fun!

Paramount1973 09-28-13 03:04 AM

Velofest is a good place to look for miscellaneous parts, wheels, stems, handlebars, brake levers, and etc..

Vonruden 09-28-13 03:18 AM

I plan on going...hoping to find a vintage Japanese Track frame in 58-59cm range :)

cehowardGS 09-28-13 03:43 AM

Will I supposed to be going with a couple buddies who always take me to the Westminster Swap every Feb in Md.. Hope I can land that 84(blue)or 85(blackberry)Raleigh Super Course. Other than that, I am going to be eyeballing and hoping to pick up parts to be keeping my vintage stable in shape. I am up to 13 bikes. And I have not developed the skill that a lot of BFs have of selling/trading off some of their bikes. :(.

otg 09-28-13 07:40 AM

I think I'm going. Going to try to locate a nice mid 80's touring frame, 52 cm. Any leads welcome!

ericbaker 09-28-13 02:46 PM

Ill be selling both days, any requests? :thumb:

KonAaron Snake 09-28-13 02:51 PM

Super record seatpost, 27.2
campy 15t thread on cog (2nd) from ergal cluster.
c record pedal straps.
campy pista crank.

otg 09-28-13 05:13 PM


Originally Posted by ericbaker (Post 16112898)
Ill be selling both days, any requests? :thumb:

Posted above, nice steel touring frame, early to mid 80's or so (Trek 720 would be perfect), 52 cm, lots of braze ons, canti's. If you have something like that, let me know. I'll be there on Saturday.

gomango 09-28-13 06:11 PM


Originally Posted by KonAaron Snake (Post 16112908)
Super record seatpost, 27.2
campy 15t thread on cog (2nd) from ergal cluster.
c record pedal straps.
campy pista crank.

Nice haul!

KonAaron Snake 09-28-13 06:57 PM

Noooo...that's a wtb!

noglider 09-29-13 11:33 AM

cehowardGS, I haven't decided yet, but if I go, I'd like to meet you. If you see me, please introduce yourself. I pretty much look like my picture, just a little balder.

Citoyen du Monde 09-30-13 01:34 AM

So as usual, I am only now getting around to deciding whether or not I will be going to T'town. I was wondering whether anybody who has already booked a sales space might want to share the space with me. I would obviously share in the cost of the space. Please let me know if anybody can help me out.

Thanks in advance!

gomango 09-30-13 04:49 AM


Originally Posted by KonAaron Snake (Post 16113444)
Noooo...that's a wtb!


Thanks to my os7 calendar, this event just happened! :)

orangeology 09-30-13 12:51 PM


Originally Posted by ericbaker (Post 16112898)
Ill be selling both days, any requests? :thumb:

do you have the booth # ? :)
i'm also looking for some italian misc stuffs—stems, brakes, bars etc.
also why not some sexy old frame in 52cm range... why not some wheels. why not some whoknowswhat?

so excited to check out the first bike swap in my life.

anyone, going there. we should do some C&V tea time or something?
how do we recognize each other there?
should we have some secret dress code? like a pin on the hat or something?
suggestion welcomed.


rhm 09-30-13 01:03 PM

I might borrow my wife's car and drive up. I have some saddles to sell. The danger is I might buy something, like a bicycle. That's what happened last time. I don't need any of those!

KonAaron Snake 09-30-13 01:15 PM

rhm - you should buy more'll make you feel gooooood.

puchfinnland 09-30-13 04:02 PM

Well Photogravity said he is out...I wonder if Jeirvine is up? no fun going alone! Girlfriend has to study this weekend, Boy its a good reason to go spend money!

so where everybody staying? I have not tried sleeping in my new car yet!

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