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RobbieTunes 09-30-13 07:02 AM

Let's add up the debates.....
Steel vs. Everything Else

Tubular vs. Clincher

Friction vs. Indexed vs. STI vs. Ergo vs. SRAM

Campy vs. Everything

Columbus vs. Tange/Reynolds/TrueTemper/Excell/Ishiwata, etc.

Brooks vs. Everyone else

650B vs. 27 vs. 700

What have I missed?

Drillium Dude 09-30-13 07:07 AM

To drill or not to drill:!


The Golden Boy 09-30-13 07:10 AM

Helmets vs. Body Armor

The Golden Boy 09-30-13 07:11 AM

Sidewalk vs. Street

Phil_gretz 09-30-13 07:12 AM

Platform pedal vs clipless vs toeclips/straps

Speedplay versus the world of clipless pedals

ergo vs tradional road bars

hardtail vs full suspension

29er versus 26"

The Golden Boy 09-30-13 07:13 AM

Hulk vs. Andre The Giant

degan 09-30-13 07:13 AM

Paint vs powdercoat vs patina

Pompiere 09-30-13 07:14 AM

Wool vs. Lycra/Spandex vs. non-bike clothing

bikemig 09-30-13 07:14 AM

I think there is a mary versus ginger ann thread here somewhere . . .

brian3069 09-30-13 07:14 AM

Grant Petersen vs. The world

rhm 09-30-13 07:17 AM

Internal gears versus derailleurs?

Centerpulls versus sidepulls?

Cantilevers versus V-brakes?

Riders versus wall hangers?

Fillet brazing versus lugs?

Velognome 09-30-13 07:25 AM


650B vs. 27 vs. 700
You got......590's

scozim 09-30-13 07:56 AM

Italian vs. French

70's vs. 80's

wrk101 09-30-13 07:56 AM

Ebay sucks vs ebay helps me make $$

OA vs Vinegar vs Citric Acid vs Whatever

BBC is crazy vs Need to get over it and Ignore Them

Flippers are evil vs Flippers are evil

Hipsters suck vs I am a Hipster vs I used to be a Hipster vs Hipsters are my best customers!

Hoarder vs Collector vs In Denial

David Newton 09-30-13 08:06 AM

This thread can only end in an argument.

Velognome 09-30-13 08:17 AM


Originally Posted by David Newton (Post 16116988)
This thread can only end in an argument.

It will won't!

SJX426 09-30-13 09:00 AM

Sheldon Brown vs. umm, ummm, ummmmm.......duh.

BluesDaddy 09-30-13 09:08 AM

Freds vs. the Velominati

Barrettscv 09-30-13 09:09 AM

Downtube shifters vs. Bar-end vs. Brifters

Cloth tape vs. leather vs. everything else

Gum-walled tires vs. everything else

Italuminium 09-30-13 09:15 AM

Let's not forget SoreFeet vs. the world!

daf1009 09-30-13 09:15 AM


Originally Posted by scozim (Post 16116956)
Italian vs. French

70's vs. 80's

Italian vs. French vs. English vs. US

70's vs. 80's vs. 60's vs. 50's

thinktubes 09-30-13 09:16 AM

Bibs vs. Shorts

sloar 09-30-13 09:19 AM

lets not forget about riding with music or no music
and riding with traffic or against it.

KonAaron Snake 09-30-13 09:38 AM

Fenders vs. no fenders.
Panniers vs. back pack
You can't lock your bike anywhere, ever vs. riding around town
IGH vs derailleur.
restoration vs preservation

Italuminium 09-30-13 09:44 AM

Kopenhagen vs Amsterdam for most idealized biking paradise :)

Amsterdam is freaking hell to ride in people, get over it.

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