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goatfish 10-04-13 08:46 PM

Please help me ID this bike. Witcomb built Rotrax or wishful thinking?
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Hi all

I'm hoping someone can help me ID this bike so I can restore it faithfully.

I picked it up at a junkyard sale and it has been repainted several times by the looks, so it has no identifying decals etc.

It is a steel framed 10 speed with 27 1/4" wheels. Rear derailleur is a Shimano Skylark SL10 which would date it around 1977, however I suspect the frame is much older than the running gear.

Just above the rear derailleur the frame is stamped WC 3407. On the opposite dropout it is stamped 32003. There are no other markings on the frame or fork.

Research on the net shows the frame closely resembles an early Rotrax Supercourse or Shirley, right down to the indent in the chain stays and the very nicely made pump pegs on the down tube. I understand Rotrax was acquired by Witcomb cycles at some point, hence thinking maybe the WC stamp on the frame may be key to identifying this bike.

Pics attached. If you have any questions or need more pics please don't hesitate to as

unworthy1 10-04-13 08:54 PM

I vote: wishful thinking.
But let's see the Rotrax Supercourse and Shirley frames that you think it closely resembles.
Maybe I'll change my vote.

Velognome 10-05-13 04:56 AM

I not seein' it either. Rotrax would have more detail, thinned lugs etc.
Tang on pump peg, Super Course lugs

Grand Bois 10-05-13 07:16 AM

It looks like another low end bike boomer with a backwards saddle clamp to me.

goatfish 10-05-13 08:16 AM

Hey all

Yeah, the more I look, the more I'm convinced it was wishful thinking from a first time restorer...........

But if we can agree on what it is not, can anyone tell me what it IS? The stamp on the drive side rear dropout has me stumped. Can't find anything anywhere in the webiverse that helps decipher the code there.....


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