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bloom87 10-06-13 11:12 AM

Cinelli : Carbon Laser............
on sale now


Leukybear 10-06-13 11:22 AM

Best of both worlds scenario?
Still Italian made. And best of all, the original creators of the laser worked alongside directly with the project.
It's nice to see that cinelli decided to make the business "move" of reviving the road version when they originally only intended to do a laser track revival.

As a long term admirer of lasers, I would not hesitate to ride this daily as opposed to it's heritage brethren.

Drillium Dude 10-06-13 11:28 AM

I wonder if that could be build up with a PC Super Record gruppo.....?

Curiously, I like it. However, I would bet it's expensive; I'd rather spend the coin on an original.


bloom87 10-06-13 11:51 AM


imho the new fork is a disgrace. is it even different than your standard carbon fork ?

the carbon version is way too oversize. it destroys all the original beauty.
and a sloping top tupbe ? come on !
there's almost nothing to like : it looks like your average CF bike.

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