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rebelLT 10-06-13 06:33 PM

GT Arette...What should I do?
I have what I believe to be an early 90's GT arette Hybrid bike sitting in the shop. 700c wheels, suntour components, U brake on the back wheel, CRAZY purple popcorn like paint job. Araya wheelset, kinda verticle drop outs, 22.5 frame. What I am going to do with this thing? I am thinking maybe monstercross, ride the rail trails for a while and sell it later. It kinda reminds me of a cross check except for the stupid u brake. I am thinking drop bars and a set of 700x40's. Anyone got a set of road bars and friction stem friction shifter I can have? :rolleyes: I can post a pic if needed.

surreal 10-06-13 07:27 PM

Bike sounds cool; you got any pics? I also feel compelled to point out that u-brakes are exceptionally rad, especially from that era. You'll come to appreciate it, I predict.

rebelLT 10-06-13 10:00 PM

pic test
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K. This is a test and my first attempt to post a pic here. Please b patient

WNG 10-06-13 11:14 PM

I think any of the early GTs are rare and collectable. Especially the nicer offerings. This looks like one and in nice shape, typical of GT paint jobs.
Nice frame. I say it's worth keeping should it fit you.
You can replace that U-brake with a modern one, even a purple one. ;)

cyclotoine 10-06-13 11:20 PM

very cool bike, I'd ride it!

3speedslow 10-07-13 07:06 AM

Certainly cool ! Plus will be the big sized frame. These GT's are well made and sturdy. I have a few still, enjoy them on both road and trail riding.

Hang on to the stem if you change to dropbars, better yet use them with the DBs. Congrats with the pic test too, you passed ! Now keep us posted on your build.

surreal 10-07-13 08:54 AM

So hott. I like steel GT frames, and I have a weird fascination with early hybrids... this bike has a lot going for it, in my opinion. Best part (besides the u-brake; GT was the last holdout for u-brakes on non-bmx bikes, due in large part to the seat stay design): that crazy-colored stem. Enjoy that bike.

rebelLT 10-07-13 04:06 PM

I think I will keep things fairly low budget until I see how I like riding it. Maybe keep the current components and change the bar, shifters, chain, tires/tubes, pedals, seat. FOR NOW! ha

chikon2000 05-28-15 10:37 PM

I recently purchased this exact bike (including the wild purple paint job). I only paid $40, but a major tune up and a commuter set-up (fenders, road tires, kickstand), added close to $300. Live and learn, but it should be a pretty fun ride.

OldsCOOL 05-29-15 05:01 AM

You need stem shifters?

oddjob2 05-29-15 05:18 AM

Just sold one a few weeks ago. High tensile frame, so a bit heavy. Smooth rider, low gearing. Surprised how fast it sold and a relatively strong price too. Too many utility bikes!

Italuminium 05-29-15 05:22 AM

45mm tires, drop bars, 1xN gearing... Perfect monstercross.

Arette purple 04-08-17 08:59 PM

GT Arette 93
I have an arette with purple popcorn
I have suntour derail u brakes front back 700 rims
I bought it for 100 dollars in 1993 I've had it all these years
It flys so quiet shifts on a is my favorite bike

denny1969 04-09-17 09:07 AM


Originally Posted by Italuminium (Post 17847221)
45mm tires, drop bars, 1xN gearing... Perfect monstercross.

I like this suggestion.

Regardless of the direction that you choose to go, I can't wait to see the finished product.


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