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Duane Behrens 11-14-13 08:04 AM

Confusing Nishiki Frame ID
Looking to identify the model year of a friend's old Nishiki bike, I found a post that references a 7 or 8 figure code, always starting with 2 letters, such as "KA24587."

But the bike I'm looking at does not match that format. The underside of the bottom bracket has 3 definitely separate sets of symbols:

In the middle is stamped the following number (no letters): 5737594
Toward the front is another group of alpha-numeric symbols: G1185
Then to the rear is stamped in larger alpha symbols: WTA

Anyone know what the above may mean, and why they don't match the Wikipedia info (reposted below)?

Kawamura manufactured frames (1972-1987*)
Serial number format XYZZZZZ where:
X is a letter indicating the market using the following codes:
A= Australia
C = Canada (pre-1985)
E = Europe
K = USA (pre 1985)
W = USA (1985-1987*)

Y is a letter indicating the last digit of the manufacturing calendar year, where A =1, B = 2, C = 3 J = 0. Exception is letter S, used on all frames prior to 1975.

ZZZZZ is a five or six digit number, apparently representing a sequential frame manufacturing number for the year (or era in the case of pre 1975 frames)

Example 1: KA24587 is the 24,787th frame produced in 1981 for the US market.
Example 2: CG231117 is the 23,117th frame produced in 1977 for the Canadian market.
Example 3: WE54612 is the 54,612th frame produced in 1985 for the US market.

Duane Behrens 11-15-13 07:48 AM

From another thread, it appears that the "G1185" means the bike was manufactured in November of 1985.

Hummer 02-18-14 01:56 PM

Hi Duane,

your Nishiki was built by Giant, not Kawamura of Japan. So you have deciphered the Giant date code correctly.

zukahn1 02-18-14 03:25 PM

+1 based on the serial this should be a 1985 made by Giant basic chro-mo frame.

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