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mapleleafs-13 01-18-14 01:20 PM

Electric bike pump
I work on a lot of bikes during the year. I'm getting lazy in using my floor pump all the time to inflate tires.

Is there a good electric plug in the wall pump that is great for schreader and presta valves, i know there's one's for your car that plug into the cigarette adapter but i need one with a normal plug?

i was debating an air compressor but they're kinda big.

any suggestions or something you guys would recommend?

oddjob2 01-18-14 01:24 PM

This. I was given a similar unit, works fine, not too slow either. Noisy, but they all are.

jimmuller 01-18-14 02:11 PM

I use one of those car-battery pumps which has a gauge. I also have an emergency car-starter battery unit which has a "cig lighter" plug (a.k.a. "aux power" plug nowadays) and which plugs into a wall plug to keep it charged. It's portable too. If I want to run the pump indoors I just use it. To drive Presta valves I just use an adapter.

WNG 01-18-14 02:25 PM

Not aware of any from a bike related brand.

But Black and Decker also made a unit like the Campbell Hausfeld one.

But for that price, I'd rather get a cheapo pancake or bottle air compressor. As cheap as $59 here in the States (Harbor Freight). Maybe Canadian Tire has an equivalent.
A 1/2-1 gallon tank is all you need. 120 psi and make you own QR shrader and presta inflators.

ThermionicScott 01-18-14 02:31 PM

Oh c'mon, working a pump is good cross-training. :p

rootboy 01-19-14 06:32 AM

An air compressor can be a handy thing to have too.

oddjob2 01-19-14 06:55 AM


Originally Posted by rootboy (Post 16423176)
An air compressor can be a handy thing to have too.

Best to have both! I wouldn't go out an by an air inflator if I already have a small pancake compressor. But anything bigger requiring a 20a circuit, as needed for spray paint, framing nailers, or a pneumatic tools is overkill and a waste of electricity.

rootboy 01-19-14 07:12 AM

Unless you use your air compressor for other things besides inflating bike tires.

crank_addict 01-19-14 12:45 PM

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RB- Agree with you and are handy, especially for quick inflation and doing many tires to air-brush work.

I lucked out years ago while attending a trade show in Chicago. Found a maker of miniature air-compressors so I acquired one of their sample units on the last day of the show. Crazy thing is there's not even a name or logo on it! Supposedly they make the mini compressors for specialty vehicle air suspension seats and guessing they were trying to introduce applications for other markets. Being a sample and they didn't want to bother hauling or shipping show items back, the price was nominal. The unit I have puts out high pressure but lacks volume, hence the needed air tank.

Anyhow, its super portable but because of the quality heavy build, the weight is probably 10 lbs.. Compressor is attached to a 1 gallon air tank with rubber feet on the bottom. Very nice quality. The compressor has rubber isolation mounts, has a regulator and can get up to 130 psi. The neat thing is it runs in both 120 volt AC and 12 volt DC. Has a fuse and auto-shut off pressure switch.

One could probably replicate and build one. Hadley (located in MI???) makes a good small 12v DC compressor and offers pressure switches. Hadley or a Taiwan made 12 volt DC unit with 150 psi and a similar air horn set-up shown below might get you in the right direction. You would need a small metal air tank (1 gal), fittings, regulator, etc.. For 120 volt AC, could try Radio Shack and find a converter to step down and change from AC to DC.

RobbieTunes 01-21-14 08:13 PM

Funny you should mention that. I've been an idiot when it comes to air, I guess.

After "inconsistent" experiences with CO2, I tried a good Silca frame pump that came with a bike. BF members recommended the Campagnolo head, and they're right, of course. I liked it so much, I bought a nice silver Topeak frame pump, and if I'm riding a C&V, most likely I'm carrying one frame pump or another. I like the certainty they tend to provide.

After several years and several cheap floor pumps, I did some trading, receiving a NIB Topeak Joe Blow Pro floor pump. Wow. It's like a Cadillac and I've been using Yugos and Cavaliers....

None of them, however, would pump up my car tire, or riding mower tires, so I bought this:

I'm not sure if it's the exact same model, but mine has a regulator on it that will allow it to far exceed the 100psi limit on bike tires. It sure won't take a car tire to 100psi (perhaps if you have all day) but it makes short work of my other tires, and I've inflated several tubulars to 130psi with it. It uses a standard air chuck, so you need a little $1 Presta adapter.

Now, I can pump up a bike tire a lot quicker with a floor pump, because the compressor has to run about 5 minutes to build up the pressure. But, if I'm changing a bunch of tires, I can leave it run and it shuts down automatically, and I can just hit each tire for a couple of seconds and they're done.

$56.00, cheaper than a lot of good floor pumps.

Bianchigirll 01-22-14 07:58 AM

I don't know if they harbor Freight stores up there in the Great White North but they usually run a small compressor on sale around $40. I am very tempted to get one, since I would hopefully be more diligent with my car tires too, but I think my neighbor who is a day sleeper would really hate me.

Glennfordx4 01-22-14 08:48 AM

I think every DIY bike person should have a air compressor of some sorts, there good for a lot more things then just pumping up tires. A short hose with a blow gun attachment is nice to have when cleaning and servicing bikes & parts. There is not a day when I am out in my shop that I don't use mine for something. My main unit is a old IR 80gal 5HP 220V magnetic start compressor that I bought from my Snap On dealer used about 20yrs ago. I got it to replace my 1 1/2hp electric Emglo 16gal unit that I built from spare parts back in 1989, I still have & use it as a back up if something should go wrong with my main unit or if I need a portable air supply. I also have several oil less & tank less diaphragm air brush compressors that you can use to pump up tires, but they are only good for about 60psi. I have used my compressors for everything like blowing up a bike tire too bleeding a fuel system on a big piece of construction equipment that has been run out of fuel.


CACycling 01-22-14 01:36 PM

I bought one of these a few months ago and am happy with it:

However, it was less than $30 when I bought it. Wouldn't pay the current price. Takes tires up to 110psi quickly but that's about its upper limit.

Grand Bois 01-22-14 07:01 PM

This was originally for an air-operated Las Vegas casino door. My brother-in-law had it converted to a portable and gave it to me. I have a 5 horsepower 220 volt compressor in a cabinet outside the garage, but a portable comes in handy at times. I use the big one to air tires because it's on all the time.

It's very heavy. I need to put it on wheels. I've been watching yard sales for a small Radio Flyer.

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