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american psycho 02-15-14 02:41 PM

1975 Colnago Super Pantographa
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All original except wheelset and missing pedals (have period-correct in basement).

I need decals, on the hunt for the elusive 1975 yellow headbadge set (any tips?).

spacemanz 02-15-14 07:01 PM

Man, that is sweet. Congrats! :thumb: I really like that rich green, on Italian bikes. It makes me think of the green in Italy's flag, obviously. But I'm stuck on aqua-marine in my mind, for the "best" color for Italian bikes, it makes me think of aqua-ducts. And swimming pools. ;)

american psycho 02-18-14 07:22 AM

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Parts are in really good condition. Crank arm with the spider was replacement 172.5 and original was 170 - good thing for the parts bin.

american psycho 02-18-14 07:24 AM

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Frame will need some TLC - touch up and decals, but luckily no dents or anything but light surface rust.

rootboy 02-18-14 08:06 AM

SUPER! So to speak. Tell us the story of finding it.

SJX426 02-18-14 09:02 AM

Very nice find. Backstory time!

bibliobob 02-18-14 11:22 AM

One of my favorite Colnago colors... Beautiful.

big chainring 02-18-14 12:09 PM

1975 Colnago Super Pantographa
Beauty. That saddle has some sweet patina, or is it sweat patina?

american psycho 03-13-14 12:36 AM

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Well, I hated to do it but this is now a simple 1975 Colnago Super. The Pantographa is destined for another project.

It turned out nice in any case - rides like a dream.;d=1394691865;d=1394691866;d=1394691868;d=1394691870;d=1394691873;d=1394691877;d=1394691882;d=1394691885;d=1394691890;d=1394691893

american psycho 03-13-14 12:41 AM

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Italuminium 03-13-14 01:08 AM

Yum that's a nice bicycle. Enjoy riding that beautiful green machine,seems you have a very enthousiastic little riding buddy :)

Kactus 03-13-14 10:15 AM

That's beautiful... and there's no such thing as "a simple 1975 Colnago Super".;)

Sir_Name 03-13-14 03:09 PM

Stunning. Enjoy!!

poprad 03-13-14 03:16 PM

Love it. The patina is great too. mine's a repaint but frankly I prefer yours for the history written in the paint.


Gary Fountain 03-14-14 01:51 AM

A lovely Colnago in a very attractive colour.

bibliobob 03-14-14 04:32 AM


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