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kumis 02-16-14 11:24 PM

Possible Colnagos? (Pictures inside!)
Hello eveyone! i got my hand on two "Colnago" frames recently and id like to know if they really are ,as the previous owner stated, Colnago. But what i do know, is that they are good quality frames. Any info will help me out a lot.



Drillium Dude 02-16-14 11:53 PM

Nope, neither one is a Colnago.


poke em 02-16-14 11:55 PM

Neither one of them are Colnago frames.

kumis 02-17-14 12:17 AM

thanks for the quick response! you guys are great. any idea what they might be?

Drillium Dude 02-17-14 12:29 AM

I haven't a clue what they might be, honestly - I just know they aren't Colnagos.


AngryFrankie 02-17-14 12:32 AM

Yeah, doesn't look like it at all, but that first one, is it aluminum? That would be a normal high end lug style for an early aluminum frame. And that spade cutout is very much like one on some of the "fitted tube" colnagos. They apparently started getting mid range frames from asia by mid nineties.

unworthy1 02-17-14 06:26 PM

I don't think either is all-aluminum, but that first "Giant" does have some strange "plug-in" lugs that read as if they might be bonded...there certainly is a mix of tig-welding and traditional construction, like the fork with regular crown and even fork blade tangs.
Clearly there are some odd birds down in Colombia, such that we never see up in NorAm.
I also have no idea who might have built either frame based on this melange of details...but at least you know what the dropouts are...not necessarily that "lumag?" forkend.

kumis 02-17-14 10:48 PM

haha wierdbirds... they do seem to very different from what i see on the net. low key builders maybe? oh well, they do seem like pretty good bikes, from my understanding you dont put campagnolo dropouts in any bike...

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