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noglider 02-17-14 07:38 PM


Originally Posted by old's'cool (Post 16504279)
That strikes me as a device very well suited to turning your ass into sausage, if you chose to ride it for an extended period.

Hey, I hadn't planned to ride it naked. And depending on what I'm made of, I guess it could have made pasta out of me.

RobbieTunes 02-17-14 07:48 PM

Well, now I've heard of a$$ hatchets AND a$$ shredders.
As if my butt didn't already look like a waffle.

Lascauxcaveman 02-18-14 12:22 AM


Originally Posted by JohnDThompson (Post 16503834)
I suspect this might be so. I used a plastic Arius saddle on a bike for a while, no problems, but after a sub-zero winter ride found this:

Hahahahahahaha. That looks exactly like a an olde Grand Prix saddle I bought on eBay, only I put about 150 more holes in mine, using my benchtop drill press. It's my first experiment in drillium, and it's still harder than a brand new Unicanitor. My next step is to get a larger drill bit in the chuck and make those holes bigger. I'm saving it for the drop bar conversion I'm building on the $100 clunker contest thread.

Big thanks to Noglider for starting this thread, I've had that waffle saddle on my eBay watch list for about 6 months, but something has stopped me from pulling the trigger. I've almost bought that thing at least a half a dozen times.

rootboy 02-18-14 06:15 AM

Damn. Those looked like nice trousers too.

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