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Daveyates 02-18-14 04:42 PM

How far would you get?
Looks like fun.

cyclotoine 02-18-14 05:25 PM

the whole way no problem, that is super wide. Can't believe people are spectating this.. although it is kids doing it. Good practice for the North Shore BITD when skinnies were super high and everywhere and consequences were much greater.

rhm 02-18-14 05:55 PM

It looks like kids are better at it than adults. To answer you question, I don't think I'd get all the way across. My daughter would, though.

RobbieTunes 02-18-14 06:56 PM


We used to ride the white road lines all the time on our StingRay clones. It's a matter of looking ahead.

Now, I wouldn't try it. I'm one of those riders who rides outside the white line, but straying occasionally doesn't get me dunked.

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