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Commando 03-08-14 12:34 AM

Sturmey Archer Cable Anchor Question
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Ok, stupid question time.
Using this type of cable adjuster

Which side of the anchor should the cable be on, the nut and washer side or the other?

markk900 03-08-14 06:59 AM

Should be a hole in the short shaft for the cable to go through....I think it will be on the nut and washer side.

rhm 03-08-14 07:05 AM

I think that's right. And don't make it too tight; they are easy to shear in half.

Sixty Fiver 03-08-14 07:13 AM

Commando 03-08-14 07:49 AM


Originally Posted by Sixty Fiver (Post 16559633)

Sixter Fiver, I can't see the photo clearly, does it show the cable on the other side of the anchor from the nut and washer?

Grand Bois 03-08-14 07:51 AM


RALEIGH_COMP 03-08-14 09:46 AM


Nut and washer side man, come on!

+1 on the shearing in half. whats the point of the weird shaped head on the anchor bolt anyway? pretty much everything that came with my replacement shifter felt like lower grade metal. The cable is rough to the touch, I sheared the anchor bolt, and twisted that little bracket all out of shape.

so I rigged up this replacement:

sorry for the blurry pics

Commando 03-10-14 04:37 AM

Yes, seriously. I said it was a stupid question. I've been chasing a slipping 1st gear which started as the axle coming loose (not 100% sure if it's fixed yet), then the cable was slipping from the anchor so I wanted to make sure I was doing things absolutely correct.

Raleigh_Comp, that's a great part you've made there. If I continue to have issues with the anchor slipping, I'll do something similar.

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