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Tracy94 03-26-14 04:01 PM

Kristall Ameture road bike ?
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Hi all I am looking at buying this bike and needed some other opinions,

Also if anyone has more info on Kristall bikes that would be a great help I can't find anything.

non-fixie 03-26-14 04:38 PM

They're still in business:

KRISTALL - KRISTALL Schweizer Markenfahrräder seit 1945

You could try an e-mail:

Tracy94 03-26-14 04:41 PM

Thanks do you know if the parts are good ? Or worth much

non-fixie 03-26-14 04:50 PM

Well, I'm quite partial to 600 arabesque, as you might have guessed from my avatar pic. It was second in Shimano's line-up after Dura-Ace and its quality is excellent. If you search for the stuff on ebay you'll get a feel for what it's worth. A complete group in a nice condition could easily set you back a couple of hundred quid.

edit: make that euros, sorry.

Tracy94 03-26-14 04:55 PM

Ok thanks well the bike is about 370 euro I'd say I could get it for 350. And I did have alook at the parts for sale and I can see that they are pricey compared to the overall cost. He says it runs perfect. I was jut wondering if anyone had any info on kristall because I wanted to get a feel for there workmanship you know

Tracy94 03-26-14 05:12 PM

He said, that most parts are NOS or very near it. They do look that way in the pictures. I look led up a shimano 600EX groupset and a NOS set is 360 euro Ino they won't be as nice but they'd still have to be worth 250

non-fixie 03-26-14 05:17 PM

I hadn't heard of Kristall until you posted this. I've only found one other vintage Kristall so far, and that looks to be a lesser model than the one you posted, but it's hard to tell from the tiny seller's pics. I don't know what a reasonable price would be in your area, but €350 seems pretty steep to me. It's not a top-end bike (second or third in the mfg's line-up would be my guess) and even if it is in great shape I would be quite hesitant to pay more than half of that amount.

Tracy94 03-26-14 05:35 PM

Really hmm I've looked on eBay and good bikes seem to go for little money in America but there's just not many in ireland. I'll try find out more.

non-fixie 03-26-14 05:40 PM

Found another one, in an old post on retrobike (never mind the pics, those are other bikes) and the description fits your seller's "Amateur" (the model name also suggests there might have been a "Professional" model as well).

And regarding the price: it depends on what market values are in your area. Even though a nice arabesque group might fetch €250 on ebay, I've bought quite a few complete bikes with said group set for less than €100 here in Holland over the past few years. Even with prices rising and the bike being in good condition, I think € 200 is the limit of what I'd be willing to pay.

BTW, why not browse a bit on retrobike and other sites, and see what €350 will get you?

Tracy94 03-26-14 06:40 PM

I could do that yes. I'll have alook I just Lila that one with that I wouldn't need postage

Tracy94 03-26-14 06:56 PM

To be honest I wouldn't give €150 for that bike in retro bike dosnt look half as nice as the bike I'm looking at and is only single speed

non-fixie 03-27-14 02:09 PM

Just saw your comments on Adverts. I think you're in love. €370 is a decent price for the love of your life ;)

Kidding aside, the bike does look really nice and the seller seems to have looked after it well. I browsed a bit on Adverts and below €300 it's mainly project bikes. The only other halfway decent bike I saw was the €300 Bianchi.

Tracy94 03-27-14 02:37 PM

Ye I saw that too there is another vintage bike seller in Waterford I mite look there. Did u see his comment where he should a link to a record he restored looked really nice. Just as a comparison I went to a bike shop today and there was an old Dawes response with a shimano 300ex groupset. And wasn't in great condition but it did have shimano 600 yei colour hubs but sadly it was too small for me and he wanted 200 for it. I also went to another shop and I asked for a good old steel road bike and I was told I was looking for gold dust. A good one is just hard to find in ireland. If you look on adverts there is a lovely itilain road bike but he wanted 2000 for it u should have a look propper sweat

Tracy94 03-27-14 02:38 PM

Tri colour #

Tracy94 03-27-14 02:42 PM

It's a Pep magni looks nice

Tracy94 03-27-14 02:47 PM

Did u mean the bianchi for 300 I only seen that now it would be nice and look nice with the green bar tape. It looks good and closer to me. It all depends how much I get paid tonight hahaha, would u say the bianchi would be a safer option

non-fixie 03-27-14 02:49 PM

Yes, I saw the Record Ace. One of my favorite Raleighs and a very nice restoration job he and his friend did. Saw the Magni too. Beautiful!

Tracy94 03-27-14 02:52 PM

And also the with a nice bianchi green saddle it would then be perfect for me

Tracy94 03-27-14 02:57 PM

Yes very nice job done on both of the bikes too bad there not an option

Tracy94 03-27-14 02:58 PM

Say are u from America ? Like didn't think you could see advert

non-fixie 03-27-14 03:10 PM

Originally Posted by Tracy94 (Post 16617453)
Did u mean the bianchi for 300 I only seen that now it would be nice and look nice with the green bar tape. It looks good and closer to me. It all depends how much I get paid tonight hahaha, would u say the bianchi would be a safer option

Well, a Bianchi frame with Columbus tubing is sure to impress some people, but the parts are a rather eclectic mix of Sora, 105, 600 and Athena of which I'm not sure it will play nicely together. Needs bar tape, maybe a saddle and probably a service as well. Before you know it you will have spent another couple of hundred euros to get it right.
The Kristall, on the other hand, looks well-made, has the great 600 arabesque group set, looks well-maintained and ready to ride. A safer bet, I'd say. And it's Swiss and a lot rarer, which makes it more interesting, to me at least.

non-fixie 03-27-14 03:12 PM

Originally Posted by Tracy94 (Post 16617498)
Say are u from America ? Like didn't think you could see advert

Nope. Holland. We can see the whole world from here ;)

Tracy94 03-27-14 03:35 PM

Very I do agree there is another one on there for 500 but it's too much. I would say the kristall would be a better choice it has a full groupset and I havnt seen many of them just two. Still ye temptation of that bianchi is there haha the kristall is a whole 70 more and I might be able to get the bianchi for 280. Maybe. I'll go have a look tomorrow they live near me. Just to see it cause I havnt seen many of them at all.

Holland that's cool :) I hear cycling is huge over there, my brother went to Amsterdam and said there was loads of cyclist.

Tracy94 03-28-14 11:21 AM

Italian Racing bycycles

Have alook at these and let me know what u think I can get them delivered

non-fixie 03-28-14 12:04 PM

OK, nice batch! Nothing I'd immediately steer away from. Prices seem to be in line with the Kristall. I'd say it mainly depends on size and personal preferences. What's your size, BTW?

Oh, and the Fuji is Japanese, not Italian, but you probably knew that already.

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