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Andy Antipas 04-28-14 04:43 PM

Surviving Vitus Carbon Frames
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Just finished building this Vitus Carbone 7 w/ a spidel group, cinelli bar and stem, mavic tubulars, and mavic seatpost. I'm wondering how many C&Ver's have these old frames? This is my first carbon fiber frame. Everything else in the stable is vintage steel. I haven't ridden it yet. Need to glue the tires and give it a go. Curious to hear other experiences. Thanks, Andy

Chombi 04-28-14 09:32 PM

Not that many CF Vitus frame owners here, but there are a enough in this forum that appreciate them as much as we do.
Here's my own Vitus Plus Carbone 7:
All french except for the stem (Vitus pantographed ITM), DT SS "Aerolite" oval section spokes and Schwalbe Milano tubs.
Otherwise, everything is French and period correct (except Look Keo Classic pedals and Gilles Berthoud Galibier saddle, but it looks the part.) on the bike, with the Mavic SSC drivetrain the focus of the build.

zukahn1 04-28-14 11:49 PM

Very nice bike don't worry about the Vitus semi myths put some good rubber on this great bike and ride.

paulkal 04-29-14 02:33 AM

I don't have a Vitus Carbone frame, but really like them.
Enjoy the bike.

Chombi 04-29-14 07:51 AM

As for riding impressions, my Carbone 7 rides very stable and very comfortable. No twitchyness/nervousness in the handling. It's mostly at home on long, fast "motoring" rides as the very comfortable rides keep you fresher on the saddle longer. The damped ride from the CF frame and tubular tires really work together for a very plush ride. Although many think that C&V CF bikes are flexy, I don't feel that's the case with the Vitus Carbone as it feels very stiff, especially when compared to my steel Peugeot PSV. Not sure if it's because of the smallish frame (52cm) I chose to find for my first C&V CF bike, but the BB section of the bike is much stiffer than the one on my steel Peugeot. I don't even get any front derailleur rub when standing on the pedals and climbing, unlike with my PSV.

Andy Antipas 04-29-14 07:15 PM

Thank you everyone for the responses. I'm looking forward to my first ride.

lofter 05-04-14 09:11 PM

I also have a 7 , rides great and weighs next to nothing . I own two vitus bikes , a 979 and the carbon both fun rides, I see you have a team pro ...nice

Babybenz 05-06-20 12:50 AM

Hi, I have a similar bike frame but it is labelled as Vitus Carbone-9.
By the way, do u know what BB we use? I only know it has British (English) threading.

kunsunoke 05-06-20 05:24 AM

You can use anything bottom bracket set for English threads as long as shell width is 68mm.

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