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ericbaker 05-10-14 09:35 AM

You know its a great week when...
... the opportunity to buy a mid 70s Masi Gran Criterium presents itself to you..... Twice.

These bikes also present a fun juxtaposed look at a different bicyle buying scenarios.

Sunday morning at Velofest I spied the Blue '75, I left it, despite the reasonable price tag, to continue unpacking my own stuff. Towards the end of the day, I was able to get a bit of shopping in. To my surprise, it was still sitting there where id seen it in the morning. We chatted about it, He was the original owner, raced it bitd, and then hung it in the basement until now. It had its original paint and most of its parts, he bent the front rim and relaced it with a fiamme red label instead of the Martano. The date on the rear der is earlier, though he doesn't recall ever replacing it. I loved it, we made a deal.

rootboy 05-10-14 09:40 AM

Fabulous, Eric. You lucky dog, you.

ericbaker 05-10-14 09:44 AM

The orange '74 with the Twin Plate crown popped up on craigs list just as the dust was settling after I got home from Velofest. It been up for a full 24 hrs, I was surely too late. But I called and made date to see it. I could see in the craigslist pics than many parts were wrong, but unfortunately once I saw it in person, I could see it appeared to be a repaint, albeit a very good one... the seller confirmed that her father had sent it to Masi in the 80s to be painted. I assume the top tube braze-ons were added at that time. She had done a bit of research and still had a ok price on it, but the repaint allowed for a good discount. The parts were whatever was on hand at the time of the paint it seems, all good stuff.

Her father rode it proudly in the 80s, she mentioned he would only wear red socks when on it. People sure are funny.

so to sum up my observations:
1. swap meets
2. craigslist

3. time capsule
4. updated and modded

rootboy 05-10-14 10:30 AM

Amazing. I gotta get out more. Tell the truth, I never would've noticed which color socks the guy was wearing while he was riding that bike.
Great finds.

ericbaker 05-10-14 11:46 AM

Originally Posted by Chuckk (Post 16746308)
Har, I was going to make a comment on how great a place to pick up bikes when they throw old orange Masis into the weeds behind your blue one.

I love lounging out in the soft grass, why wouldn't the orange Masi?

John E 05-10-14 12:35 PM

Wow -- holy shades of "Breaking Away"!

daf1009 05-10-14 12:40 PM

Eric..."I hate you!" :)

Wish I could have that kind of luck...those are both great bikes! Wow!


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