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kumis 05-11-14 12:27 PM

Any idea what year this Cinelli Pista is? (Pictures inside!)
currently found a great looking cinelli pista, but im intrigued as to what year it is? i know its from the mid 80s but id like to know the exact year. it does have a seriel numer which is located in the right part the BB as you can see in teh picture.
any information on identifying this bike would be great.

Cinelli Pista - Imgur

kumis 05-29-14 07:19 PM


Scooper 05-29-14 07:44 PM

If there is a serial number among those photos, I'm not seeing it.

Check out the Cinelli Registry for dates and serial numbers.

aixaix 05-30-14 09:21 AM

The head badge is 60s-70s. At some point in the early 1970s, they started using an aluminum badge with slightly different graphics. If the frame doesn't take a 26.2mm seat post, it is a 1980s or later frame. I don't know when they stopped using the 26.2 sleeve, but I believe it was in the mid to late 80s.
If there is a 4-digit number stamped on the BB, it is pre-1980s. The actual number will be unlikely to tell you anything as Cinelli's numbering system makes no sense (as a quick perusal of the Cinelli Registry will show).
A photo of the seat cluster from the rear, showing the bolt would be nice. Post 1970 or thereabouts, they started using a three-piece binder bolt assembly that used two allen-head bolts. Before that, the binder was a nut-and-bolt, distinctively styled.

I assume you know it is a repaint.


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