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SonnyCooL 05-12-14 09:27 AM

Need ID of this bike
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bought one classic RB but can't tell manufacturer cause previous owner respray and remove everything (no mark, decal or anything on frame), any expert can help me on this ?

Bike detail :
Component :
105 SLR brake (Caliper n lever)
105 RD (7 speed), FD, shifter (index),
Suntour "Custom" dual Crankset.
Suntour drop bar.
Chrome cromo fork (this he din't respray).
Exage hub with made in taiwan HJC wheel.

Series (at BB) :
S 9XXXXXXX (can't see cause of paint job)


dddd 05-12-14 12:55 PM

I think that perhaps only the crankset and front derailer are original.

Someone found a donor bike, possibly a wrong-sized, wrong-gendered, damaged (or perhaps even stolen) bike (with higher-level fork and parts), then switched most of the parts to this frame.

Perhaps Italian BB threading and oversized seat tube prevented them using the better crankset and front derailer?

The square-cut upper end of the seat tube/lug suggest a lower-level frame, while the derailer hanger suggests it's not so bad.

IthaDan 05-12-14 01:06 PM

Agreed on the Crankset and FD telling the true tale.

My money's on something asian from around 1980. I know it's not much relief to hear this, but there's rarely much resolution to these origin threads when they're about midlevel bikes like the one in the OP.

SonnyCooL 05-12-14 01:25 PM

going to check out that BB and seat tube size for knowledge gain (newbee).....

seriously thanks for all this input and great knowledge share...

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