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blu1 05-12-14 01:23 PM

western flyer?
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hey guys. new here. my name is David and i'm from GA. I got this western flyer bike the other day and was wandering if anyone could give me some info on it? like the year and make. Also, I would like to restore it if it's possible. would it be a good one to restore? thanks guys, David

wahoonc 05-15-14 08:20 AM

I would give it an oxalic acid bath and see what is left after that. You can restore anything, I have an axe that belonged to my grandfather... it has had 7 new handles and three new heads. :D The question is what do you want to do with it? If you are looking to make money off the restoration of that bike; highly unlikely. If you are looking to restore it for fun, go for it, learning experiences are priceless. As to age I would hazzard anywhere between late 1950's-1970's. Once you get it cleaned up you might find some date codes or serial numbers.

Aaron :)

wrk101 05-15-14 08:30 AM

Good one to restore? Only as an academic project and assuming you have extra money to spend. Its a dept store juvenile bike in rough shape, so as a financial project, not so hot. The cost of what's missing or damaged will exceed the value of the finished project.

If your budget is limited and you would prefer projects to be self funding (sale of finished project at least = to the investment), then stick with bike shop branded adult road bikes.

Not every decision is financial. I am in the middle of restoring a 1934 duplex. I am going to be WAY upside down on it, its gotten pretty crazy. As it is a long term keeper, no problem (OK, still a mistake for sure). As a flip, I would lose tons. My last project was a 1934 rock duplex, I am upside down on it as well, although not as far. I am seeing a trend here.... I better stop buying houses to restore.

For some reason, I have better financial discipline on bikes.

Lascauxcaveman 05-15-14 10:47 AM

Not much bike left under all that rust. Waaaay too far gone, except for the most obsessive.


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