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ericbaker 05-14-14 10:36 AM

Info/model ID of this Italian Zullo frame
I picked this up not long ago becaus elf all the neat features it displayed.

- engraved seat stay caps, fork crown, BB shell (cinelli), even headtube logo
- unusual dropouts
- very unusual crimped top tube design, I'm calling the grooves "speed channels", haha
- aero unicrown fork

I believe it to be from the mid-80s, judging by the fork design and the 1st gen Victory headset that's installed and presumed original

I'd like to identify the frame model as well as the type of Columbus tubing it sports. Any thoughts are appreciated!

ericbaker 05-14-14 03:51 PM

No ding in the top tube, or anywhere for that matter

The crimping is very much intentional but hard to take a pic of. It runs about 10" on each side. Much like the micro air below, but only on the top tube, not the downtube.

ericbaker 05-14-14 05:10 PM

126 spacing
27.2 seatpost

Its very similar to the Micro Air in that catalog scan, moreso than any other ive seen. I think that's an '83 catalog.

Perhaps he made some changes in later years.

Ther is no crimp on the downtube on mine, and the decals are a little different... No chrome on the back end... The fork crown engraving is different.

Although it shares the fork, lugs, bladed seatstays, and overall styling. Maybe same model, later year.

unworthy1 05-14-14 10:34 PM

He's still in business and even made a trip to the US for one of the NAHBBS a few years ago...super nice guy but not that comfortable with English back then. I bet he'd respond to an email or regular mail enquiry.
Hit him up...
BTW, that decal says probably SL or maybe an SL/SP mix of Columbus tubing.
BTW, that fork is not "Unicrown" it has a crown and it's a full-sloping internal-socketed crown that's what I'd call "aero" style; can't tell if the blades are unusual (like "air" profile) but they look conventional Columbus oval.

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