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cycling undergarments

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cycling undergarments

Old 05-22-14, 08:18 PM
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cycling undergarments

Sooo I regularly ride in a t-shirt, shorts and boxer briefs, but i'm getting tired of the ride up and rubbing of my boxer briefs, my thighs have had it. I want to upgrade to some different undergarments, I honestly have no idea what i'm looking for, I wouldn't mind a suggestion on jerseys also. I know I don't want all out lycra, as I have said I am a bigger guy 42 pants and xxl shirts, so I have some weight on me.

help me out, I'm tired of the rub!!!
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Old 05-22-14, 08:36 PM
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I've been wearing Underarmour compression shorts, XXXL, for the past few years. They go under my nylon gym shorts. Completely solved the rubbing problem. I prefer the longer (8") version. I'm 6'1", was near 300lbs, now I'm 230lbs; was 42" waist, now have no idea.

For shirts, I wear Ergodyne Glo-Wear shirts; mostly in Blaze Orange, but a few in Lime Green. Hi-visability, very lightweight and breathable fabric. Short sleeved, in winter (FL); long-sleeved, in summer (no heat issues, and no sunburn, either)... and nobody says "Gee, I didn't see ya!. I buy from emisupply.com
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If you have real bike shorts, with a chamois (synthetic or otherwise), don't wear anything under the bike shorts.
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Old 05-22-14, 08:53 PM
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JBHoren already nailed it - you make the friction caused by loose clothing go away by wearing clothing that sticks closer to your skin: spandex, lycra, and other stretchy fabrics. The stretchy stuff also helps because it's designed so as not to put rough seams against sensitive skin, and because it doesn't absorb moisture in the way that cotton undergarments do. If you don't want to be seen in skintight attire, consider simply swapping out your boxers for running shorts (same thing as cycling shorts minus the padded chamois, also cheaper) and wearing those under your regular shorts.

As far as specific recommendations go, I've heard great things about Aerotech Designs from plus-sized friends. I have a pair of their shorts and like them quite a bit, just know that padded shorts generally don't fit quite as nicely under an outer layer.
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Old 05-22-14, 08:58 PM
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Originally Posted by jamesj
Sooo I regularly ride in a t-shirt, shorts and boxer briefs, but i'm getting tired of the ride up and rubbing of my boxer briefs, my thighs have had it. I want to upgrade to some different undergarments, I honestly have no idea what i'm looking for, I wouldn't mind a suggestion on jerseys also. I know I don't want all out lycra, as I have said I am a bigger guy 42 pants and xxl shirts, so I have some weight on me.

help me out, I'm tired of the rub!!!
There are a number of snug fitting base layers or even "jockey" style underwear that will keep the equipment and themselves in place.
From there it really depends on what your tolerable budget is. Giro makes a nice line of non race cycling wear that will not make you look like a walrus on dry land.
Not cheap though.
I wear true cycling shorts or for shorter rides including up to the work commute wear jockey shorts and some version of bermudas, I test those by mimicking the movement of pedaling with one leg, if they ride up when I raise my knee, they don't get purchased.

Long ago I liked the Newport Blue brand. They changed their audience, and start at a 36" waist. They used to make a 30... I wore them until they absolutely wore out.
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Old 05-22-14, 08:59 PM
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get a decent pair of cycling bibs w/chamois (trust me on the bibs instead of shorts). put them on first (no underwear) then any pair of shorts over top.

or there are shorts like this that have a liner. I have never used these but they do exist and may work well for you.
Nashbar Liquicell Sport Baggy Shorts - Shorts
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bibs and chamois creme.
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Old 05-22-14, 11:20 PM
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Another option is to go to REI/EMS or another outdoors store and use their hiking clothing. A synthetic shirt plus stretchy synthetic briefs and whatever shorts you want can be quite the comfortable getup when the weather allows.
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Old 05-22-14, 11:22 PM
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I usually get by with plain old boxers and khaki shorts, but for most rides over 30 miles or so I try to dig out my basic "compression shorts" I got at Big 5 ($12).

Like mentioned above, it keeps the boys high and tight, away from the saddle and thighs action zone. On hot days I will use some sort of cream too, hydrocortisone or jock-itch stuff; anything slippery and not oil-based.
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Here's some nice casual clothes I like to ride in:

Light, airy and pretty hardy fabric. Padding in the butt. Zippered pockets. 3 colors.
They aren't so tight and short in the legs and shouldn't rub you like the gym shorts.

Bike Shorts from People Who Really Know Bike Shorts!

This back pocketed merino wool T shirt is also light and stays pretty dry.

MUSA SS Jersey

And yeah boxers aren't for biking. Either briefs or jock without the undies is how I do it depending on what shorts I wear. I personally go with briefs when I wear the shorts I posted but you aren't supposed to as JohnDThompson said in post number 3.
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I have Zoic Regent MTB shorts that have a removable liner. I wear that liner with other clothes all the time. I've also bought house brand liner shorts from nashbar or performance. Can't remember which. They appear to be the exact same liners, just with different branding.

Product: Zoic Essential Liner Shorts

Product: Nashbar Liner Shorts
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Go commando.
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I shared your concerns when I returned to biking. Initially I bought MTB shorts @ Performance. They worked OK. When I had my accident in 2009, they were ripped up. I then opted for bibs from Voler. I had lost 25 lbs and despite the concern for skin tight appearence, I decided there must be a reason for the KIT look. Went with Jerseys from Voler as well. I am not sorry for the bibs. They are much more comfortable than shorts as there is no lne preasure around the waist and no concern about location of the shorts. I only buy when they are on sale. They are usually a little more but competitive enough. Fit is not bad and the "chamois" makes a huge difference.

To hide my gut, I try to find jerseys with "busy" designs. When I ride, I ride for me and not to show myself to others. Their perseptions are just that and I don't really care. If we take the bikes somewhere and plan on meeting others, I where the bibs under my pants. The first couple of rides on the tandem were horrible with the rubbing because my wife said "You aren't going to wear those bike shorts are you?" Now I do and she doesn't say anything and I am nicer to my stoker (tandem rule number one)!
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This is what I wear:
Works for me - a cycling short in an undergarment. Just wear loose shorts over top and its all good.
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Performance makes, or used to, underwear for cycling, to wear under about anything that isn't too tight. As comfortable as any cycling short. When I want to "just ride," I use them, a pair of workout shorts, and a t-shirt. I'm not always into "bike kit," but in a pragmatic sense, it does exactly what it's designed to do, and works.
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I really like the mountain bike shorts and baggy cycling jerseys from Performance. I tried bibs and they made me feel like a sausage.
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Originally Posted by Chuckk
This is the VINTAGE group:
Sackcloth and ashes!

Chamois riding shorts under cargo shorts for longer rides.
Michael Shiffer
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Andiamo 'Skins' are really good for casual rides & commuting, although I often wear boxer-length briefs; the latter also work really well as a base-layer under Smartwool thermals. Beyond that, I usually wear knicks.

For anything more serious, nothing but bibs & chamois will do.

As far as jerseys go, I'd assume most of us have a variety of types & styles... I make a point of having a couple of black ones & a couple of white ones for, respectively, cooler & warmer days, as the black absorbs all light (and is consequently warmer), and the white reflects it. It may not seem like much, but you can definitely feel a difference between wearing a black or a white white jersey on a +85-degree day.
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Originally Posted by JamesRL
This is what I wear:
MEC Ace Cycling Liner Shorts (Men's) - Mountain Equipment Co-op. Free Shipping Available
Works for me - a cycling short in an undergarment. Just wear loose shorts over top and its all good.
These commuter briefs linked from that site look handy and without the edge seam that normal briefs have. I wouldn't like to have 2 sets of butt padding under me so I just might have to try these out, pricey or not. I kind of wonder how hot they are though.

DeFeet UnDBrief Commuter (Men's) - Mountain Equipment Co-op. Free Shipping Available
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The bigger you get, the more bibs work. No plumbers butt, they come in some really big sizes. So what if it is lycra, you can hide the "Ricky Racer" look with a loose fitting shirt or jersey.
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I wear Champion brand boxer briefs. They are polyester and don't collect sweat, as cotton does. I've recently discovered microfiber polyester golf shorts for the top layer. And of course a polyester breathable long sleeve. I ride in high heat and humidity year round.
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I can suggest not to wear, in the department of outerwear. I bought a pair of bike specific denim capris with well thought out reflective piping in strategic spots, a thin built in chamois, and a U-Lock belt strap in back. I've been wearing them around on my mountain bikes & more upright rides around town. So yesterday I took my Surly Cross Check with drop bars out the Columbia River Gorge for some riding. I've never worn these specific shorts on this drop bar bike. Well.... leaning forward tilted my pelvis in such a way that the seam in the crotch (side to side & front to back intersection) felt like I had a stone between my Brooks saddle and me! Many finer bike specific shorts have FLAT seams so nothing bunches up.

So I suggest to check the seams of garments where there will be pressure or potential friction. I will still wear the shorts but not on that bike.

As far as under garments anything seamless and moisture wicking would be recommended.

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Yesterday I bought the Canari "Baggy" black MTB bike shorts. I wanted something less revealing than the current junk exposing spandex kit stuff. Not that the current junk exposing spandex kit stuff is bad....

Love em. They have compression legs on the inside, mild crotch padding and fit great during the ride. No undies needed, very comfortable even later in the ride

Oh, and 29.95 is much better than comparable Hi-Zoot namebrand 85.99 stuff.
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Good quality chamois, wide range of sizes, and you can wear them under

i also have a pair of these and like them a lot.

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Ride nekkid!
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