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Tigerprawn 08-30-14 03:59 PM

CLB front brake is toast! Need some suggestions!
Hi Guys,

Been awhile since I've posted mainly due to the fact I've just been really enjoying my bike (1983 PSV-10) and haven't bought or looked to buy anything else. However, took a spill last week and ended up with some nasty road rash, but also completely snapped my front CLB brake caliper. I figured it was a crappy situation, but no biggie I have a pair of super record calipers at home I can swap in. I then realized that's not going to work since they have recessed nuts. So now I look to the C&V for assistance. Either a bead on a front CLB brake so I can get my only bike back on the road or suggestions on other calipers that would perform well and fit the bill.

I think the original 1983 PSV-10 came with Weinmann 605, but I'm not too familiar with how those perform. I remember Modolo making some awesome white brakes, but those are probably super pricey these days.

PS: I'm also forced to be a bit frugal so ideally I'd want to trade my super record brake set for something nice that'll fit my bike.

Chombi 08-30-14 04:30 PM

Check eBay regularly, you'd be surprised how often used single CLB calipers how up in there for auction (They are not as rare as the sellers of NOS CLB Pro brakesets hyper-pricing might lead everyone to think). I think you just missed a nice front caliper that had been for sale in there for not so much money. There's another one in there that popped up, but it is not complete and not in good a shape as the previous one, plus it has a recessed type allen head nut on it....
BTW, I always thought that the earlier PSV had recessed brake nut mounting on I was surprised that yours doesn't. Maybe they started the recessed mounts on the 84 model....

fietsbob 08-30-14 05:10 PM

Newer Dual pivot brakes seem to work better , as Many people say.

Chombi 08-30-14 05:44 PM

Originally Posted by fietsbob (Post 17085114)
Newer Dual pivot brakes seem to work better , as Many people say.

Mehhhhh....., unless one plans to bomb down the Alpe D'Huez sometime soon, CLB sidepulls with good brake pads, should be adequate for the job for most conditions.....
Anyway, the CLB Pro's are a natural choice to have on an 80's C&V Bike like the Peugeot PSV.

fietsbob 08-30-14 06:22 PM

Wuss people like the light action E-Z pull .

had a CLB set , inverted bottom actuated on my Mk2 Brompton.. , new Mk4 uses double pivots .

& have a nut fixed Campag record 47-57 set on my RB1 .. recessed nut frame ,, its OK havent crashed on it, like OP. ..

Good luck with the auctions TP.

juvela 08-31-14 08:39 AM

question -

clb made several models of sidepull with this general pattern. have always wondered if there is adjustment for how tight the arms are on the pivot bolt.

have never had the opportunity to work with one. it appears that the pivot bolt must thread into the back of the front caliper arm which would seem to mean that there is no adjustment.

am probably missing something here...

thanks for any enlightenment! ;)

JohnDThompson 08-31-14 09:02 AM

Originally Posted by fietsbob (Post 17085114)
Newer Dual pivot brakes seem to work better , as Many people say.

FWIW, the CLB single pivots I put on my Viscount are plenty strong for me.

fietsbob 08-31-14 09:11 AM

just reporting the other posters critiques, here including yourself

you may find single pivots require disconcertingly more force to stop. But they will work,
my <C> single pivots are OK too.. had a Viscount when in College, it was stolen before the aluminum fork recall ..

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