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parken 10-02-14 07:28 AM

FiR downtube shifters
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I run across these downtube shifters labeled FiR. FiR is a well known italian producer of quality rims and VeloBase reports a group of components ("La nuova dimensione") but I cannot find any info about these levers. I'm unwilling to disassemble them without a schematic but the left one has some kind of internal racketing washer and the right one has a barrel of big dimensions for 8-9 speed index shifting. I'm pretty sure that they were not produced by FiR but likely rebranded. Does anybody recognize them or their similarity with other downtube shifters?
Thanks in advance!

Bianchigirll 10-02-14 07:57 AM

Do the mounting screws come off? van you take a few side pics? I think they look like a slightly restyled CampI but with that big index barrel looking thing. I wonder if they area a Simplex/Sachs hybrid....

parken 10-02-14 09:11 AM

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Here you go. Definitely not campy stuff (I have several Syncro shifter models and they are completely different); they look like some Suntour acushifters (that I unfortunately do not own) but they are somehow different.

Zieleman 10-02-14 09:39 AM

I don't know who made them, maybe Galli?

But FiR DT shifters, that's super cool.

Bianchigirll 10-02-14 09:57 AM

I am really leaning towards a Sachs/Simplex origin. The general shapes looks a lot like the last versions of CampI DTs maybe they bought blank castings or something.

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