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arex 12-25-14 10:45 PM

Is the supply of Sun Rhyno Lites drying up?
I'm noticing an increasing scarcity and a corresponding rise in price of what there is. Anyone else notice this?

bane 12-26-14 12:11 PM

They still show up on the Sun-Ringle website MTB | SUNringlé so I doubt they've been discontinued.

You may be seeing the cost increase due to cost of materials/labor increasing. As to scarcity, it's a rim brake rim in an era of increasing disk brake popularity. Manufacturers are specing disk brakes on every type of bike now: atb, cyclocross, and road. New buyers seem to be embracing disk as an upgrade over rim brakes. As with my lugged steel road bike, you will pry my v-brakes (admittedly more modern than cantis) out of my cold dead hands.

Bicycle Addict 12-26-14 06:40 PM

Sun has changed owners a few times. . . . some lines look to be dropped.

Mr IGH 12-27-14 03:15 PM

Mavic has some reasonable matches, for 700c I find the a319 to be similar weight and strength.

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