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redscampi 01-02-15 04:35 PM

73 Schwinn Sports Tourer Restoration

Whizzer283 01-02-15 04:42 PM

weewee pads make great drop cloths

schwinnman67 01-02-15 08:30 PM

Nice looking Sports Tourer!!
Sunset Orange looks great when it's cleaned up...

Henry III 01-02-15 09:46 PM

Very nice and in great condition. What's your plans for this beaut? I would ditch the reflector, pie plate, stem shifters and go to some suntour barcons. Then slap some Panaracer Pacelas and you'll be set.

Also the Park crank tool isn't going to get those TA crank arms off and might damage the threads if you try.

commodus192 01-02-15 10:07 PM

Really nice work; great job. :thumb:

Metacortex 01-02-15 10:16 PM

Other than the black brake pads that one is all original right down to the tires and tubes. Except for the tires I'd keep it that way, or at least save every original part you decide to change. You can get new pads that copy the original Weinmann 42mm 7-dot (aka 7-bump) here: Kool Stop Bicycle Brake Pads Refills Inserts Weinmann 7 Dot Set of 4 Salmon | eBay

redscampi 01-02-15 11:53 PM


redscampi 01-02-15 11:56 PM


redscampi 01-03-15 07:11 AM


daf1009 01-03-15 07:35 AM

Originally Posted by redscampi (Post 17436421)
Thanks guys for the complements and suggestions. While changing the shifters and ditching the pie plate is appealing on one level like have a lot of nostalgia for the old stem shifters . I also have other bikes to scratch the bar end shifter itch. I'm going to keep this one stock. There is something about riding an old Schwinn that you can't get from other bikes. I will replace the tires and tubes but keep the originals.

I am working on two Super Sports now...and want to make them as original as possible...was going to say the same to you...glad to hear you are staying "stock."

Flog00 01-03-15 07:38 AM

Here is a Sports Tourer I did a while back.

Now owned by @daf1009

John E 01-03-15 08:28 AM

Nice find -- lookin' good! Other than the aforementioned KoolStop brake pads and regreasing everything that moves, and of course replacing those rotted tires, you indeed do not need to do much. The TwinStiks are big and bulky, but they are kind of fun to shift (been there ... done that).

redscampi 01-03-15 10:36 AM


redscampi 01-03-15 11:06 AM


Flog00 01-03-15 01:00 PM

I think mine is a CCP-22.

Originally Posted by redscampi (Post 17437203)
Wow, nice job on that Opaque Blue. I hope mine comes out as nice. What crank puller did you use to remove the cranks?

Metacortex 01-03-15 01:11 PM

Atom 440 pedals made at least through '78 are rebuildable. You can see a video of the process here, coincidentally using pedals from a '75 Sports Tourer:

One thing that is deceptive in that video is that the pedal shown had the dustcap already removed and then just loosely pressed back into place, so it doesn't really show how to remove them. Normally they are installed so tightly you can't get a screwdriver under them without doing damage. I recommend using a sturdy knife, strong paint scraper and finally a wide chisel to ease them out without damage. Getting the caps off without damage is the hardest part, the rest is easy as seen in the video.

For reference the Atom 440 pedal bearings use 5/32" loose balls, with 9 outer and 11 inner balls.

nlerner 01-03-15 01:20 PM

Originally Posted by redscampi (Post 17436777)
I was under the impression from this thread: that the CCP-1 tool was the one I needed. Is this not true?

I thought Park didn't make the CCP-1 any longer, so I assume you bought it used? Anyway, JA Stein makes that tool, and V-O carries it.

daf1009 01-03-15 01:49 PM

Originally Posted by Flog00 (Post 17436816)
Here is a Sports Tourer I did a while back.

Now owned by @daf1009

And Scott did a GREAT job!

redscampi 01-03-15 02:23 PM


redscampi 01-03-15 02:24 PM


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