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commodus192 01-02-15 10:02 PM

Defaced Schwinn Serial Number
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So - picked up some clunkers the other day from a recycled cycle shop that was closing it's doors. Two MINT Fuji Special Road Racer touring bikes with full panniers, and a junker Raleigh Super Course MK2. But the other, is this Schwinn Continental, that is in very good condition - mainly dirty, with the exception of one spot. I wanted to determine the year, so - went to the head tube and alas - the only part of this bike that is defaced in anyway is this one spot. It appears that someone put some sort of hardened material over the serial number, sanded/smoothes - and masked the handiwork with a terrible spray paint job using too dark a green color. There is no damage or actual mechanical work on anything to indicate this was a legitimate repair job, so the only thing I can surmise, is perhaps it was stolen at some point in it's life and the theft concealed. At present it is disassembled/cleaned and I am converting it to a three piece crank and lighter wheels etc. blah blah blah.

Based on the decal on the seat tube - does any Schwinn men/women know the year of this thing?

And yes. I know Schwinn Continentals and Varsity's are heavy. I love them.

Metacortex 01-02-15 10:49 PM

Based on the Campus Green color and components (assuming they are original) that looks like a 1970 model. It appears to have the smallest 21" size frame available that year: Schwinn 1970 Diamond Jubilee -- Continental / Super Sport

You can check the hubs, crank and fork steerer tube for date codes. The hub stamps should be plainly visible however the crank and fork would need to be removed to see any codes on them.

commodus192 01-02-15 11:10 PM

Metacortex: Thank you very much! Will snoop around on those items to see - I really really appreciate it..

Metacortex 01-02-15 11:34 PM

One more thing I wanted to add, the serial number on virtually all Schwinn Chicago bikes (except Paramount) moved from the LH dropout to the head tube in May – April '70. I say virtually all because some through Dec. '70 remained on the dropout and some bikes had numbers in *both* places (in that case the headtube number would be a later stamp and take precedence). Check the LH rear dropout for a number.

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