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What's the longest a build has ever taken you?

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What's the longest a build has ever taken you?

Old 02-05-15, 03:07 PM
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What's the longest a build has ever taken you?

I've got a commuter I've been kicking around ideas and parts for for what seems like an eternity, but is probably more like six months. What was your longest build?
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Iv been acquiring parts for 15 years that will eventually go on a build. Does that count?
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Old 02-05-15, 03:17 PM
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I've had one for six years, I haven't started yet. I have a two year backlog IF I worked on bikes every couple of days, so the average project waits a long time before it is its turn. Right now, I am working on other stuff.

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I crashed my Look in 1989. I promptly had it repaired and added a second set of water bottle bosses at the time, but didn't repaint it until...summer of 2009, and didn't finish gathering necessary parts for the rebuild until June 2010. So, 21 years?

Other than that, I bought my Speedwell in January 2012. Took a long time polishing and acquiring parts. It was almost ready in December of 2012 when I discovered a crack in the seat binder area. Took a few months before I found the right person to take on the repair work. By the time I got it back from repair and made a few changes to the build plans, it was March 2014 before it was finally finished and back on the road. A little over 2 years for that one.
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Old 02-05-15, 04:06 PM
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I got my Trek 720 frame in the spring of 1983 and built it up with parts I had on hand, meaning to work up to the correct build as parts presented themselves.

Haven't really got it satisfactory yet.
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Old 02-05-15, 04:22 PM
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I still need to finish the first C&V bike I bought in early '09 ...
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1997-2008 for the KHS. Got the bare frame for $25 in 1997 and I just kinda waited for the parts to arrive organically.
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Old 02-05-15, 05:09 PM
Flying Merkel
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3 years and counting. A Raleigh mixte that needed a wheelset. Eventually, I'm going to build a 3 speed coaster rear wheel. Got the hub, can't seem to get going.
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Old 02-05-15, 06:10 PM
I got 99 projects
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I have a Raleigh "clubman" project which has been in the works for about 5 years... and it has become a veritable Ship of Theseus... I'm about to give up on the rear hub which is the last part of the bike I started with. Anyone else have a project which has morphed into something 100% different?
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Old 02-05-15, 06:18 PM
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Meaning Including Do Overs ? The frame I Built in 1975 has been re equipped several times. as My Purposes changed ...
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Old 02-05-15, 06:23 PM
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6 months on one, because I simply took my time.
It was for my good friend in Baltimore.

I think his next 3 will take about as long.

I've quit building bikes overnight, in a few hours, etc.
I simply don't have the mental stamina to pay attention to detail that long.
I also can't hold tools in my right hand consistently, and get real tired of dropping them.

I'm good for about an hour of wrenching at a time, so the intense, absorbing builds don't happen.

I have a friend that takes longer, generally 6-9 months, and he changes his mind often.
However, his results continue to amaze me, as if the vision for the project came out of nowhere.
Enjoyment of that kind of result, from people who started wrenching in my garage, that's damn cool.

I'm at the point where I actually prefer it if others do their wrenching, and come to me for tweaking.
However, I'm not at the point where I'll let anyone else work on my bikes.
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I bought a Bob Jackson 531 touring frame from BJ in 2003. Finally finished the build in order to do RAGBRAI (ride across Iowa) with my sister in 2010. Last thing to do was build some wheels (CR18 with Ultegra hubs) and install some fenders which came from I don't remember where.
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Old 02-05-15, 06:34 PM
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My Raleigh Super Tourer. It's built into a usable bike, but I won't consider it actually "done" until I get a proper Weinman rim laced to a Normandy Luxe Competition hub, a French or English stem, and Jubilee derailleurs. I'm only 3 months in, but I usually finish a bike within 5 days to a week. I've also gathered all the parts I'd like to use for a Schwinn Volare, as soon as I find a frame small enough. It's been nearly a year on that, but I don't count that one since I don't think I'll ever find one.
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Old 02-05-15, 06:42 PM
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6 years, still counting.

Mostly because I am too cheap to send out to chrome.
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Old 02-05-15, 07:07 PM
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...define "build"
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Uhhmm.... Just don't remind me........
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I'm pretty sure some of the bikes have end states. Some, however, will probably never be finished.

Right now, I'm sitting at about a year on one of them.
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Old 02-05-15, 09:35 PM
Chrome Molly 
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Going on about 6 months for this winter's project. I've been taking it a part or two at a time for this one, and am happy to be doing so. It's been one of those projects that is full of little challenges.
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Old 02-05-15, 10:24 PM
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I think corky took over two years to build. I had only seen the frame in pictures for most of that period. I just about had everything in order by the time I got the painted frame. Right now I have two frames I have most of the parts for. I think I've had them over a year now. I don't see one of them getting finished in the next year... one of them maybe...

I've done some pretty substantial work on regular riders in the mean time including tune-ups and a pretty extensive overhaul is in progress on my partner's MTB. Started with waiting for the tool and new BB, then I noticed the front hub.... the races were shot!!! on a 2010 XT wheel. I knocked them out and am now waiting for the new hub to arrive which I will cannibalize for all the internals.... then I found that one of the pistons on the front brake isn't working properly. I might try and rebuild it when I work up the patience for it, but I did order some SLX brakes for a mere $130 Cnd off CRC last weekend.. that is cheep for a WAY better brake... so I might just toss the formulas and not bother.... but it will probably eat at me if I don't try. Anyway, this overhaul went from days to weeks and is now over a month since I first pulled the cranks and gave it a clean.
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I'm sitting on three builds.

One of the framesets won't work out for me.

I bought the Serotta/Winter frameset for my son and he won't stop growing.

I've had it for a year and it is killing me not to build it.

The Mariposa is going to turn into a real bear, as the frameset hung too long without some attention to rust. I may just have one of the local guys repaint it and start over. We'll see.

The Della Santa is just waiting on a specific Jagwire set and I'll let that one rip. That should be less than a four month wait.

My Warbird was less than two weeks and I rode that bike 32 miles the same day we did the build.

That's a very sweet bike for the $$$.

Bikes and stuff

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I've been messing with my old Lambert since 1982. Not sure if it's done yet.
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My raleigh professional is going on about 7-8 months, my masi is going on 6 weeks, I had a paramount that took me 2 years to get right. What slows me down is waiting for acceptable prices on auctions. I don't get caught up in bidding wars. I'm trying to finish my two current projects before starting in on 2 or 3 more. Campagnolo is addicting.
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My backlog started in 2010 and has increased instead of decreased. This is due to how cheap I am. I buy bikes that look like c ra p and then think I can "fix" them. I am at the point where I just don't have the time to work on them like I had hoped. It would not be so bad if I didn't decide to repaint myself.
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Old 02-06-15, 06:11 AM
What??? Only 2 wheels?
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How does one define "start" and "finish"?

Our tandem took maybe 6 months of ongoing dedicated work from first-acquisition to ready-to-ride. That included gathering parts, having the frame painted, assembling, trying ideas that didn't work, trying again.

I'm sitting on an all-original Motobecane Le Champion that has been waiting patiently for a year, but I guess I haven't actually started on it.

For a dedicated build, 2 to 4 months is probably typical for me.
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I have been working on a stuck seat post on a tandem for 2 1/2 years. The plan was to ride it with my 8 now 11 year old son. The way he is growing now I don't think we are going to get to ride it together.
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