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Bikes you regret selling

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Bikes you regret selling

Old 03-14-15, 05:24 PM
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Bikes you regret selling

I have two in particular. The first was a '90 Rossin "Performance" with EL/OS tubing. I bought the frameset NOS in '07 and built it up with Centaur 10 speed. I regret selling that one mainly because EL/OS frames are hard to come by. The second, and most painful, was an '89 Koga-Miyata Full Pro. I bought it in brand new condition in 2001. It was all original with full Dura Ace 7400, including a DA seatpost and very cool stem. Total race bike, even had the boss to attach a number plate under the top tube. I bought the bike for $400 and it came with a travel case and red Time Carbon pedals, along with Koga-Mityata color coded touch up paint that came with those bikes new. I don't know what the heck I was thinking when I sold it.
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MY '93 Hetchins. The '88 Trofeo, and the '86 Mondiale but it was too small anyway.
One morning you wake up, the girl is gone, the bikes are gone, all that's left behind is a pair of old tires and a tube of tubular glue, all squeezed out"

Sugar "Kane" Kowalczyk
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I've only sold the heavy ones, so no regrets. The best of those was a lugged Italian gaspipe Olmo that taught me about lipstick on a pig.
My C&V Bikes:
1972 Bottecchia Professional, 1972 Legnano Olympiade Record,
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Old 03-14-15, 05:52 PM
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I sold a Paramount track bike, white with red pinstripes and steel Cinelli stem and handlebars. It was even my size. Shoot me now.
Jeff Wills

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Old 03-14-15, 06:05 PM
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I'm selling my '74-'75 Motobecane Grand Jubile. It's a 21" and I'm wondering in advance if I will regret it. Just too big and can't get comfy on it. I don't get too attached though.
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My 80's Motobecane mirage sport. Best bike I've ever owned.
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Old 03-14-15, 06:10 PM
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Not a single one yet. Not one. They keep getting replaced by better bikes until my space is so crowded I'm desperate get rid of something.

I haven't sold a really good bike yet. I suppose now that I have a couple bikes that are worth more than just a couple hundred bucks, ones that get me $omething when I $ell, that temptation will come, as needs must.
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look kg96: I sold it when I left Japan and regretted it almost immediately. still do. I should have strapped the thing to my back and called it carry on.
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Old 03-14-15, 06:17 PM
1991 PBP Anciens
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1970 Schwinn Paramount track bike with a mix of Campy and Cinelli. And an 84 Bianchi Nuova Alloro(sp). The only full Italian bike I ever owned. Kinda missing my Miyata CarbonTech 3000 fixed gear, too.
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Old 03-14-15, 06:21 PM
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No regrets. I sold a Bianchi Milano I wanted to love, but just didn't. And an '84 or '85 Schwinn LeTour Luxe sport touring bike. I liked the idea of lugged steel, Columbus made frame, but for some reason, I never got comfortable on it. And like the bike I replaced it with much better. And that in a nutshell is it. I have 3 bikes in the garage, my wife has 3, and my son has 1. And for a variety of reasons, I can't bring myself to sell any of these.

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85 schwinn madison, roughest bike I've had but it had the most character

80s (?) nishiki. it had a cunningham design decal but I dont remember the model. it was perfect all around!! had an xce group, 26in wheels, braze-ons for three water bottle cages, racks, fenders and a peg for a pump behind the seat tube and drop bars. can't believe I sold that one I've never seen another.

not to hijack the thread, but on a sort of related note- the regret not buying cases:
3rensho with full super record for 700 bucks
bianchi axis for 200 bucks
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Nah, no regrets. Plenty of other bikes out there to fill those needs.
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Old 03-14-15, 06:34 PM
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1980 Woodrup.
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I regret selling my mid80s Bianchi Nuovo record. It was my first really nice road bike, but I sold it when "upgrading" my fleet. What was nice about the Bianchi is it had brazen-ons for fenders, which is unusual for Italian bikes. Unfortunately I sold it before I started bike commuting and it would have made a great commuter.
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I got 99 projects
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A Peugeot PGN-10 because the drivetrain was kinda ratty. But if fit perfectly and rode beautifully. I have 2 or 3 bikes' worth of Shimano 105 now... shoulda kept it.

A Shogun Alpine GT... a rare full on touring bike from the late 80s which looked to be nearly equal to a Miyata 1000, and it was in MINT condition with Deore, 40 spoke rear, all the brazeons. At the time I thought it was too small but now I think it would have worked fine.

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I gave away a 1959 Hercules 3 speed. Really regret now.

The bike I regret selling:


A $25 Schwinn Jaguar with GT mountain bike components. Worked way better than it should have. Got a lot of compliments on it.


Another $25 bike. '87 Nishiki Olympic 12
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Sold a Confente a long time ago, but I figured he was young and I could always order another one later.
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I had a very old but beautiful British bike. Rudge I think? Just a neat machine. Then a Univega I paid thirty five dollars for, from a retired postal worker. Probably my favorite rider. A Free Spirit for sentimental reasons which is still hanging in the back of my best friend's parents' garage.

The Univega.

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62 Raleigh Carlton: it had a bent crank, ruined bearing races, and pretty much unusable wheels. It would have been a huge project, but it was soooo cool. Sold it for $20 on CL. Oh well, it would have just been a headache.
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Just one, a 1976 Trek TX600 which I had adorned with Campy Record in 76. Do I regret it? yeah, but I also needed dates and a nice car instead of no dates and a nice bike, so in that sense no I don't regret selling it, but I still wish I had it today.
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Old 03-14-15, 08:52 PM
Bikes are okay, I guess.
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I was given a Raleigh Portage 650B in beautiful original condition in my size, but I had too many bikes and no space so gave it to a bike-crazy friend. Was afraid to ask what became of it, especially now that I have a big garage.
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No regrets.
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I had a really nice Holdsworth, green and white, Reynolds 531 straight gauge with beautiful steel cottered cranks that I sold in about 1974. With the money I bought a beautiful dark green Paramount, which I sold in about 1975 in order to buy a Raleigh International. The Raleigh was destroyed when I was hit by a truck. I regret selling the Holdsworth and Paramount, both beautiful bikes and I really regret losing the Raleigh.
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Sold a 1993 Trek 8300 carbon fiber and aluminum frame.. as i was riding it to the sale I noted how nicely it rode and I started thinking I shouldn't sell it. I kinda tried to talk the buyer out of buying it, but they really wanted it, despite it being a touch too big for them.

I wish i had asked for more money at least. but the bike had been hanging on my wall unused for pretty much the entire time i owned it, so I needed to move it on. It was all original which made me hesitant to start messing with it to improve the fit.. plus the wheels were really hard to mount tires onto.. still it rode nice... etc
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All and none.


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