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New overweight rider, need help pls

Clydesdales/Athenas (200+ lb / 91+ kg) Looking to lose that spare tire? Ideal weight 200+? Frustrated being a large cyclist in a sport geared for the ultra-light? Learn about the bikes and parts that can take the abuse of a heavier cyclist, how to keep your body going while losing the weight, and get support from others who've been successful.

New overweight rider, need help pls

Old 06-19-15, 10:17 PM
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New overweight rider, need help pls

Hi all,
this forum came recommended to me, i would appreciate any insight, help , tips to get me going.
Fact is i need/want a bike. I want a bike i can ride that would support me and help me to get going. I dont mind if I buy a bike and later down the road get another bike.
I am on a budget but would consider things is the bikes are worth it.

About me- started off 350 lbs 6ft. Am down to 320 lbs still 6 ft ( lol ), i need a bike I can ride in the city ( grocery getter) on roads, sidewalks etc. I wont be on a mountian but if the bike can go on a mountain i would probably do that.

Can anyone help me get a bike, I need something as simple as click this link, this bike is what you need. I cant do any customizations and it would confuse me and prob scare me.
Im looking for a ready to go bike for an overweight person and get on the road soon as i get it. As i have it maybe i can customize is later as i go.

I would really like some help, im trying to get my life in order and Biking seems like a pretty good place to help me get there.
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your weight is not a huge problem.... lots of folks on this forum who have started off much heavier than you are now.
The easiest thing for you would be to go to a few local bike shops. Talk to them and tell them what you want to do. Tell them where you plan on riding and let them show you what they have available that would fit your need. At your experience level you do not want to buy on line or used or from a box store or sporting goods store. Go to a bike shop where they will understand bike fit... you want to get in shape not get injured. Buy a bike that you feel good on during your test ride... also think about the shop and how they treat you and the service they provide, it does not sound like you are into wrenching, so you will want a shop that can take care of you and your bike after your purchase. oh, and stay off of sidewalks.
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I agree shop the local bike shops, see what each one offers. This means what they offer in bikes and services, and how they treat YOU as a potential customer, you are interviewing them more or less :-).

Many stores offer incentives to go along with buying a bike, like extending warranty (the place where I bought my bike gives an extra 6 months), maybe a free guru fitting for as long as you own that bike (one shop I shopped offers that, it is a $225 value), maybe free tune ups for a year (one shop offered that).

I think at 350 you will do fine hardware wise, should not be a major issue there, there is a lady here named Beachgrad and some numbers who knows one bike mfg's line very well :-).

Weight loss is about controlled intake BUT is is about perseverance too, I got where I am today 415 days in by having more days in calorie deficit than calorie excess.....and if you fall in love with something that burns calories, and that you get "better" at it every 10 lbs you drop then that thing and the intake control (I use Myfitnesspal for that) work synergistically with each other, if you know any math I think of them as factors or exponents, it is not diet+sport you love, it is diet * sport you love, or diet raised to the power of sport you love :-).

As a person I am not great at comittments and finishing things I start, so if I did this you or anybody else can do this :-)....I'm here to tell you it works if you work at it :-).

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When I started riding I was pushing close to 300 lbs and started off with an older, USA built Huffy mountain bike. I put smooth tread semi-slick tires on it and rode it with no issues. Sure the bike was heavy and slow, but you need that to help drop the weight. After losing weight, I got better bikes and eventually a road bike after being fit enough to comfortably ride one. Took a year, but totally worth it.

Good luck!
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New overweight rider, need help pls

Congrats on the downward weight trend! You must feel pretty good about that- I think you might be looking for some kind of geared hybrid type bike- if what you're looking for comes from the shop with knobby tires, the shop can change them to smooth tires for what your riding style will be. A starter bike for you won't have to cost a bundle and you'll get a feel for what you might want next time. If you let the shop (LBS=local bike shop) know that you might trade up after a while they might take better care of you to make sure to keep your business and offer you a trade in or good deal on your next purchase. Keep us posted!
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I am 340 and I bought this last month

Walmart: 29" Genesis Onex Cruiser Men's Bike, Black
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I was 350 when I started last year, also 60y.o. I bought a Trek Shift 4 that's rated for a 350 # rider with oversize spokes, seatpost and lockout front suspension fork. It's heavy, slow and not real stylish but I've put almost 1400 miles on it since December 11,2014. I can't say it's for everyone but it's done me well; no adjustments needed so far. I have lost 75# so I'm sort of shopping for my next bike but not in a hurry. I just keep telling myself to embrace the challenge of this heavier bike! Good luck to ya
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This range of hybrids certainly have a of fans...

Verve - Trek Bicycle
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I have an Electra Townie and it's been comfortable during my weight loss journey. It's slow and simple to ride. I got it because I have a lot of metal in my foot and I couldn't point my toes at all when I started riding. I've lost 160lbs and I have more bike options now than I used to, but I ride the Townie most of the time because it's great for mindless, ambling cruises to all the garage sales in a four-mile radius, and I have a big basket on it to haul my stuff home.

Since you mentioned groceries, that's another thing to consider...your bike will need to hold the weight of your groceries too, and you'll want a rack added to the back, probably.

It really is important to find a local bike shop that you like and trust, so that they can do repairs or adjustments on your bike.

My first bike was a Walmart bike and I spent every weekend fixing something on it. It kind of reminded me of being a kid, having to fix someone's bike before we could ride. But that lost its appeal pretty quickly, and I started getting irritated. It finally broke beyond repair and I bought the Townie. The Townie has only needed one big repair (as opposed to a little adjustment) which was the back axle, which broke when I was over 400lbs. But I rode it a lot at that weight before the axle broke, and my LBS was great about it when I took it in to get fixed.
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Boy i think there are a couple great suggested bikes here. That trek 4 and townies look cool and pretty stout. I am in the same boat as you just a few pound less. This forum has helped out immensely so far. Like everybody is saying...go to your LBS and tell them exactly what your looking for. Hit several shops to get an idea of whats available. I started a thread here just a few days ago and you can see how big a turn i made from what I THOUGHT I needed to what was practical for my use. Still in the process of getting the parts together...but a pretty clear strategy now. Moral of the story is my LBS was a great resource and the fine folks around here are no slouches either!

Anyway, what neck of the woods you from..just curious...you might get some unexpected volunteer wrenching help if needed.

Your LBS will also probably have some fun rides listed for your area to get you motivated as well...little did I realize one could ride a bike in a salt mine tour 200 feet down until i signed up today.
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What is your budget? Your description of wants (aside from the mountain thing) says Surly Long Haul Trucker to me, but I don't know if that's in your budget. If not, any hybrid style bike with disc brakes and no shock. Or if you have a really limited budget, an older rigid mountain bike and put some city tires on it. Trek 820, Cannondale M400, Specialized Rock Hopper all make good older bikes for Clydesdales. Make sure it has 32 or 36 spoke wheels and if you do go with an older bike, take it to your local bike shop for a service. Budget $100-$150 or so for the full service - new cables, chain, lube, spoke tension, wheel truing, etc... My shop has three service levels. Just adjustment is $60, the tune I just described is $120 and includes bar tape for road bikes, then the complete service which includes greasing all the bearings and a lot of other things is $250. For any newer bike, the $250 is unnecessary because they have sealed bearings and don't require servicing. Look to spend less than $300 for a working order older bike shop brand bike and you'll have less than $500 into a bike you can ride for the rest of your life. You'll probably get the bug and end up buying a new roadie in a couple of years ($1500+) and maybe a full-suspension mountain goat mountain bike after that (another $2000+), but for now a good, solid older bike will get you going for minimal cash outlay.
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