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jdkc4d 07-06-15 01:03 PM

Seat Post clamp woes...

I am very over weight and just learning how to ride a bike. I have a specialized crossroads from last year, and as I am gaining more confidence in remaining balanced, I would like to raise the saddle up so that that I can actually put my feet on the pedals.

Where the saddle is now, all the way down, I cannot actually get my foot on the top pedal. Regardless of how tight I attempt to clamp the saddle post, the moment I sit on the saddle, it slides all the way down.

Is there different clamp or a spacer or something that I can get that might be able to support my weight?


howeeee 07-06-15 01:10 PM

yea since the bike is with you, you are the one that is going to have adapt it somehow
iF you post a good picture of it, maybe I or others will have a solution.

the picture now is not working right

Judi 07-06-15 01:13 PM

Take it to your local bike shop, describe the problem, and they'll help you figure out what you need.

dr_lha 07-06-15 01:29 PM

I assume the seatpost clamp is a quick release one? It needs to be tighter clearly. Usually there is a screw adjuster as well as the lever arm, try tightening that.

If that doesn't work, seatpost clamps are cheap and easy to get. As @Judi says, a trip to your bike shop will sort you right out.

TrojanHorse 07-06-15 01:30 PM

What kind of seat post clamp do you have? Take a picture and attach it

Mithrandir 07-06-15 02:38 PM

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I was having similar issues. I bought this to replace my normal clamp, and it fixed them all: Brand-X Seat Clamp & Bolt Double | Chain Reaction Cycles

DrIsotope 07-06-15 07:03 PM

I fought with gradual slippage on three posts and four different clamps-- and tried everything from grease to anti-seize to fixing paste. Over the span of ~15 miles, the post would slip as much as 1/4". My knees were not happy. Finally went to a Unicycle-style clamp (like the one mentioned right above the post) a $16 Gorilla Park clamp from Taiwan. Absolutely no slippage.

tjkoko 07-07-15 06:18 PM

Is there a similar seat post clamp or double clamp seatpost that fits a 29.2 mm seatpost?

UrHuckleBerry 07-08-15 06:53 PM

Had similar issues with my Roubaix in the first few hundred miles. Finally just torqued it a hair more and all issues stopped, but not before most of the lettering and increments in that area were rubbed away.

beakersbike 07-10-15 08:51 AM

Is there a possibility that the seat post is not the original one from the bike? If you have a seat post in there that's too narrow, you will never get it to fully clamp down and you will possibly damage the frame trying to clamp it down. If you're absolutely sure you have the right size post in there, then the heavy duty clamps are a good idea, but if not, by all means get that baby into the bike shop so they can check it out.

cyclistbrian 07-10-15 07:48 PM

I have had this problem over the years with various bikes. Manufacturers do lots of shaping and styling. You end up with a round cross section seat post and an oval-shaped seat tube without sufficient clamping area. I have used different clamps as described above but what also works well is a small shim fashioned out of an aluminum soda can. Cut a small shim with scissors. Just be careful not to cut yourself.

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