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jwill226 05-07-17 11:57 AM

What phone apps do you use when riding?
I haven't picked up a dedicated bike computer yet so I'm using my phone to track my rides until I do. Do you have any particular apps to track your rides or help motivate you?

Right now I'm using "Strava" to log miles and average speed. I downloaded "Map My Ride" but I haven't used it yet.

I also use "Charity Miles". It's a free app that connects with big companies that will make donations to the charity you select based on how many miles you ride/run. It tracks you by GPS and automatically collects the donation from the company with nothing else to do on your part other then to get out and exercise. A friend who just lost her husband to cancer told me about it. Personally my donations are going to Wound Warrior.

Are there any other apps that you prefer that may be better or worth a look.

dr_lha 05-08-17 09:54 AM

iPhone or Android?

rgconner 05-08-17 10:02 AM

Wahoo, upload to Strava.

superdex 05-08-17 10:17 AM

iphone only (no bike computer). Strava + Amazon Music or It's in my jersey pocket so I don't stare at numbers the whole ride (was more of a distraction than motivation)

EL LUCHADOR 05-08-17 11:16 AM

I use strava.

Jarrett2 05-08-17 11:23 AM

Strava is the way to go.

chaosdsm 05-08-17 05:40 PM

Been using Samsung Health, does everything I need, has audio alerts, & automatically sync's with my Polar H7 hrm.

Here's a short afternoon ride I did today after work to test out the Polar H7. Only problem I've seen so far, elevation is wrong.

DrIsotope 05-08-17 07:16 PM

Just Pandora. Garmin 520 for the bike stuff.

jwill226 05-08-17 08:15 PM

Originally Posted by chaosdsm (Post 19569616)
Been using Samsung Health, does everything I need, has audio alerts.........

I have Samsung health but I didn't realize it would give you all those numbers. I guess I didn't look that far I to it because I thought it seemed basic. I guess I should take another look and see about getting a HR monitor too.

Stick69 05-08-17 10:48 PM

Originally Posted by rgconner (Post 19568401)
Wahoo, upload to Strava.

Plus 1

Black wallnut 05-09-17 12:08 PM

I use Garmin now and have for a few years. I formerly used Strava and Map My Ride on the smart phone, plus Run Keeper. None of these three where I could see them, never had a handlebar mount. I preferred Strava to the other two.

chaosdsm 05-09-17 05:15 PM

Originally Posted by jwill226 (Post 19569966)
I have Samsung health but I didn't realize it would give you all those numbers. I guess I didn't look that far I to it because I thought it seemed basic. I guess I should take another look and see about getting a HR monitor too.

Samsung just updated it about a month ago, not sure if it that was part of the update or not, as I previously only used it to track my daily walking.

jsigone 05-09-17 05:19 PM

Padora Radio + garmin device on the bars

If I forget my Garmin, I run the strava app on the phone which is in my pocket

squirtdad 05-09-17 05:43 PM

map my ride

JReade 05-10-17 06:27 AM

Garmin on the dash, and syncs when I hit "save". Don't bother with the phone apps to record when I'm riding.

donalson 05-10-17 09:11 PM

I ran ipbike for a LONG time

on samsung devices it will use any ant+ sensors you have (I actually used a OTG cable and dongle in the past as I had ant+ sensors already), it will also use BT sensors... it's super adjustable on what you see, you can have it map etc etc etc... you can also export your data easily or auto upload to a number of pages as I recall (although I just sent it to dropbox and uploaded on the computer to the few online trackers I use).

if you don't mind spending a little cash ridewithgps is a great option if you want good map guidance...

I've also played with strava, mapmyride, endomondo, and i'm sure a few others...

I stuck with IPbike as it let me easily export the data to other apps.

that being said... recently I picked up a magellan cyclo 505... $120 and came with a HRM and cadence/speed sensor, does mapping, tracks everything I could want, even lets me control the music on my phone (which now sits in my jersey pocket) and also shows me any texts or the number for calls I get which means I can easily decide if I need to stop and call/msg back or not (note this was a $500 unit a year ago)

Myosmith 05-11-17 07:10 AM

Ride with GPS
it does everything I want it to

speculant 05-11-17 02:18 PM

I used to mount my phone to my bike before I crashed one day and it destroyed my phone. Now my phone resides in my pocket or backpack and doesn't come out until the ride is over!

cyclist2000 05-21-17 09:45 AM

I use cyclemeter

dagray 05-21-17 09:55 AM

Amazon music or Sirus/XM radio on the phone and a Cateye bike computer to download to Strava.

WonderMonkey 05-21-17 11:08 AM

Endomondo, and then I transfer the ride to Strava. Sometimes I go the other way.

SamSpade1941 05-21-17 05:02 PM

I use cycle meter and upload the output to Strava .

bobwysiwyg 05-21-17 05:11 PM

Epicrideweather. Yes, you could surmise the same results with Accuweather, but the presentation by Epicrideweather is pretty darn good and is pretty accurate. It was mentioned here just a couple of days ago. Thumbs up as far as I'm concerned.

ericy 05-21-17 08:19 PM

I used to have a Wahoo RFLKT+, which was basically a remote display for a phone that communicates via bluetooth. The advantage is that the phone display is off and conserves phone battery power. The downside is that you need to have your phone with you, and the phone needs to be able to use BT/ANT to talk to whatever sensors (problematic for HRM when phone is in back jersey pocket). The display on the RFLKT+ died, so I upgraded to Wahoo Bolt. Similar functionality to Garmin units - no longer have a need to have a phone with me if I don't want to, and if the phone battery dies I don't lose my ride data. At the end of the day it depends on what you really want out of the thing. Do you want to just record data but not view the display until after the ride? Then numerous apps will do that job for you. It gets trickier if you wish to have the phone visible while you are riding so you can track your progress.. Having a phone mounted on the handlebars seems dangerous to me - the phone could be destroyed if it comes loose, and battery life is going to be an issue if you want to have the display on constantly while you are riding.

gbru316 05-22-17 06:07 AM


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